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A Memorial Kiss - But do They Remember it?

KesterTester41 - When and What's Going on? (Generous Clue, 'cos I'm soft - it's Budapest)

Is it just me, or are Hungarians more, well, more than keen to snog in public? Especially since this lockdown ended? I was standing on Moszkva ter the other day and I could hardly believe the amorous writhings going on around me at the tram stop - I'm not talking about 10.00 at night, this was 4.00 in the afternoon.

Or perhaps I'm just old and jealous?

Whatever, I have no idea if this couple still embrace with passion (but if so, hearty congratulations to the pair of them) or have long ago lost touch with one another. This piccie though, was taken at a time when neither would have had the word "pandemic" in mind.

But when was this taken, and what was going on, apart from the kissing, of course?

Answers, please, via the website message system or email. I'll post the result later this week.

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