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A Monument then Defaced, now Removed - where was it and what did it Commemorate?

Updated: May 1, 2021

KesterTester 36 - I suppose this might now be in the Statue Park - and one of the less-noticed exhibits, I suspect, not being one of the more spectacular artistic works. But one, I'd argue, of genuine historic interest. So what was - is - it?

I should, perhaps mention this photo is probably from about 1992. I think you should be honest and own up if you use google to answer this one . Answers, please, via the site messaging system or an email.

Meanwhile, I'll report on the results of last week's tester tomorrow when I update this post. It's proved to be a tough one, with many people identifying two or three of these political figures, but most struggling beyond that, and none getting a full 14 points for a full house.

This means glorious celebrity fame can still be YOURS - not forgetting the chance to buy me two beers, especially now that terraces is open. :)

​UPDATE: Results of KesterTester 35 – Six CEE PMs and Presidents This tester proved a tough one, possibly too tough. And, only later did I realise that it was a bit biased towards one language group – but it seems Romanians are too sporting to take advantage of this. My problem was I chose the last photograph – number 6 – because I wanted someone looking towards the centre (ie to the right, as we look at the image) of the montage, and for some reason, most of my politicians are either looking straight ahead, or to the left. Anyway, here is a selection of answers (and scores). Sanyi identified Václav Havel of former Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic (that's the easy one – worth 1 pt) and Ion Iliescu, President of Romania (worth 2 pts), so Total = 3. Hubert, normally a super sleuth, must have been busy this week: He wrote: I consider myself reasonably informed about CEE matters [which is true – ed], and I can on recognise Havel and Meciar. Beyond that, the one bottom right might Lezsek Miller, the top left might be Brazauskas and I have no clue about the last 2. The Lenin look alike is particularly puzzling but the time to expend on research is just not worth it. Well, Hubert, yes, we've got Havel, but in fact there is no Meciar, or Miller – but yes, you are correct on President [Algirdas]Brazauskas, of Lithuania (3 points). Irena got Havel (well, as a Czech, that was a given) and went on: is 3 Iliescu and 2 [Janez] Drnovsek perhaps (after a bad night)? Not bad, Irena, that's 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 points – not sure about Janez's previous evening though :) Yes, that's Hubert's Lenin look-alike, but I'm assured by my Slovenian friends that despite his looks this former PM from Celje acted nothing like Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in real life. (It's true that the physical likeness is amazing – See his the photo on his Wiki page ) Geza - Havel is not difficult to recognize, Iliescu is not the favourite of Hungarians. Janez Drnovšek, PM of Slovenia will prove more difficult (indeed, two points) and the old dictator Todor Zivkov of Bulgaria is even more. The rest remains a secret. That's 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 = 6 points – pretty good, but it's not Zivkov, sorry, I think you rushed the answer there. Jana - Janez Drnovšek, Havel – thats 2 + 1 = 3 pts. Imants - Brazauskas, Havel recognisable, but couldn't manage the rest. 3 + 1 = 4 pts John Cantwell weighed in very determinedly. 1 – Richard von Weizsacker President of Germany, 1984-1994 2 – Janez Drnovšek Slovenian prime minister (1992-2002) – 2 pts 3 – Ion Iliescu Romanian President, 1989-1996 – 2 pts 4 – Zhelyu Zhelev Bulgarian President, 1990-1997 – 3 pts 5 – Vaclav Havel Czech President, 1990-2003 – 1 pt 6 – Mircea Snegur President of Moldova, 1990-1997 – 3 pts Total = 11 pts That's excellent, John, almost all correct, but not quite. Number 1 is not. See above for correct answer. However, in terms of the number of points scored, that's tops (I'm sure you used google somehow, right? - but it's ok for this one). So, congratulations – I don't know how you can manage walks down town now, what with the fan following you must have created – I think that's three KesterTester victories you've carved out! Anyway, thanks to you and all contestants for having a go. Now, what about KT 36? Have a great week!

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