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A tasty bite in Budapest - VIPs savour the flavour of home.

KesterTester83 - This couple were well known in Budapest at the time of this photo - who are they?

Photo: This couple were well known, at least in certain circles, when in Budapest in the 1990s, and their legacy lives on today because of their philanthropic activities.

I was going to post this photo yesterday as an extra clue to the Tester of a fortnight back, the American chain puzzle, but then I thought it could make one in its own right. So here you are - who are they? Of course, it might help you also solve KT81 as well, if you haven't nailed it by now. (I have also added a few clues since, to help you even more on that one. I'll post the winner on Monday.)

In addition, I've added a couple more clues to the Theatre Magnificent, in case you've been struggling over that one. :)

And I posted the winners to the 'sign change' tester earlier this week.

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