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An Equestrian Statue of a Ruler from the Late Middle Ages - Who (that's easy) & Where? - Updated

Updated: May 22, 2021

KesterTester 39 - This leader had a name for waging conquering wars, supporting the arts & sciences and raising taxes. I believe he also had an eye for the ladies.

In truth, this is probably too easy for the experts in here, but we have to give everyone a chance. Anyone recognise a face among the people? Those students are probably well into respectable middle age today, and maybe earning a living in the IT sector, which is doing rather well in this city.

If I remember correctly, I took this pic one sunny evening in April 1994.

Answers please via the website message system or an email.

And you have another day or so to have a try at last week's KT38 - Sweet-Toothed Nosztalgia - which I can let on is proving harder than I imagined, so the chance of global fame and glory looks good this week, with few numbers going into the black woolly hat.

UPDATE: The results of KT38 - Sweet-Toothed Nosztalgia

Well, this has proved to be a tough one, with only four offering answers (I hope I haven't missed anyone).

Orsolya Odomaniczky thought it might be the old Jégbüfé on Ferenciek tere…? but was "not wholly sure", she said.

Not far away, but not that one, Orsolya, I'm 99.9% sure.

Hubert "super sleuth" Warsmann confidently asserted: "Location is the easy one, Bp Váci út 12," and with somewhat less confidence continued: "Era, faggyi broke the 1ft/scoop mark in 1975 I believe. I seem to recall that in the very early 90's, the premium shop on Csaba u was selling at about 15 Ft a scoop. They were always more expensive than traditional shops but not 2.5 times. So my guess would be pre-changes, mid to late 80's."

Tom Chilton, who clearly sees himself up there with Mr Warsmann, wrote: "Hi KJ, We supersleuths could read the sign. I'm happy to say it's still there, The Kossuth mozi used to be next door. The Perity was (maybe still is) famed for its flamboyant creations. When? Early 90s? I'll plump for 1992."

Asked to clarify where the Kossuth mozi was (is?) he (mis)-typed : "Vaci it, opposite Westend."

David McCall similarly (though much more humbly) punted: "Dear Kester, The Perity Cukrászda is, I believe, on Váci út approximately across from West End - though this photo was taken before there was a shopping center there.

"I remember when ice cream was 2 Ft a scoop - just like a bus ticket. So I'd say your photo was taken in the mid-90s. I'll take a stab at 1994."

I have hit something of a problem here, and I risk 'competitor rage' if I get this wrong, but I shall stick to my memory of this. It isn't the one on Váci út!

This one was on Népköztársaság útja (today's Andrássy út, of course), I thought towards the south-western end, so something like number 9 - 13. My problem is, I can't be 100% sure. I have a larger photo taken in the same series which shows the shop as not just "Perity" but also Párizsi - maybe I'll take a photo of that and post it here later.

I googled "Párizsi Népköztársaság útja" and found this photo of the Párisi cukrászda, at number 37, which is further along than I thought, but I think must be it, albeit probably in the 70s.árisi cukrászda

So, the net result of all this is, I reckon, I've finally won of my own competitions and can buy myself two beers :)

The photo was taken in 1989 (it says on the back), so Hubert can comfort himself that he was more of less correct on that one.

OK, over and out. Have a good week and if you haven't yet tried, please see the piccie for KT39 above. I think it's as easy as KT38 was hard.

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