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Bakos the Carpenter - But Where Did he Craft his Wood?

Updated: May 10, 2022

KesterTester71 - You've just got to love these old Hungarian craftsman's painted workplace signs, sadly disappearing with rush to modernisation. UPDATED

Photo: Like some woodwork doing, Sir? Bakos the Asztalos advertises his services.

This is a real KesterTester - because I'm not 100% sure myself where I took this, a business sign of a jolly craftsman taken in, I think 1992 - but one that, like its owner, is surely long gone.

I'm equally sure a fair number of readers will have passed by in its day. However, the question is, where was it? Difficult to give many clues to help on this one, but this might help some - if what I've written on the back of the print is correct, it was taken within 10 minutes walk of one of the old Budapest Week editorial offices. (OK, not much help to most, I understand.)

To save me winning one of my own competitions, send your answers to me via the site system or an email - please put KT71 in the text so there is less chance I will miss your entry.

Meanwhile, last week's KT70 - Guarding Wildlife & an Ancient Way of Life - is still open for sleuths to get to work and win global fame. And I have added extra clues (another one today) to help you along.

I'll make the draw next Monday or Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE: The Results I think Bakos ur has been the toughest Tester so far. It certainly proved too tough for Hubert “Poirot” Warsmann. "Either one walked by that asztalos or not. I don't recall I ever did,” wrote the super-sleuth. Possibly not, Hubert, or … possibly? One of the unexpected bonuses of setting these Testers is the surprises one gets from readers who not only remember the scenes, but can help me out with both the answers – and then some extra context. It turns out that Bakos the asztalos is one or the best examples to date. First attempt at this was from Annabel Barber, who wrote: “Oh Kester! I used to walk past him every day in 1992 on my way to and from the tram. My flat was in Lágymányosi utca. Wasn’t Bakos on Bertalan Lajos? I loved him!

Annabel x”

Then came Laci Magócsi, who not only recognised the 'brand', but added the jolly good news that not only is Mr Bakos is alive and hopefully well, but still in business! Laci first wrote: “He is the founder and owner of a small chain of carpenter services and do-it-yourself retail shops, including two shops in Váli utca (near to where I live) : Bakosfa and Bakos hardware. I am a regular in his shops, so I suspected that this business sign belonged to him. He confirmed this. There were two copies of this, created by one of the students of Károly Klimó some 34 years ago. He still has both original signs. The place where your photo might have been taken is not yet known to me. He will probably let me know soon. Best regards, Laci.” And sure enough, he followed up a little later with: “Since writing my above email to you Mr Bakos confirmed that the two copies of the sign had appeared on No 6 Lágymányosi utca and No 2 - 4 Váli utca, near Móricz Zsigmond körtér. Both originals are now kept at Mr Bakos' DIY store and carpenter shop in Budafok. I wonder if the BBW editorial office was around this place in 1992?” That's brilliant, Laci. Please give Mr Bakos my regards. I think the one in the photo is No 6 Lágymányosi utca – I'm grateful for your sleuthing because from memory, I thought the pic was taken somewhere at the beginning of Villányi út, near the Feneketlen tó (Bottomless Lake). The Budapest Week offices in 1992 were in the former state tobacco building complex in Budafoki út, it looks like number 59 from google maps, between Karinthy Frigyes út and the Mol HQ. You may remember that in those days there was an old tramcar in the middle of Móricz Zsigmond körtér? I think pizzas were about Ft 120 a piece at the time! With only two contestants, and for such a tough Tester, I turned to the Competition Committee (ethics sub-committee) with the request that KT71 contestants should be especially awarded joint winners without a draw, and with the Committee's unanimous agreement, I can declare Laci and Annabel the joint winners since they made it so interesting (and Annabel sent me a puszi to boot). Of course, I'm sure the global celebrity status will not be diminished by sharing this coveted award – I do hope both of you can survive the fandom and all that brings in the coming months and years. Oh, and by the way, I've updated KT73 with some extra clues to help you get that one, and KT72 is still open too, so get sleuthing some more, please.

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