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Cheese, Please! A snapshot in the sun somewhere in central-south-eastern Europe

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

KesterTester94 - But where? [UPDATED with contestants and winner.}

Photo: Flanked by statues of the country's great and worthy, a couple of tourists pose for a snapshot. Unlike many cities in this region, all around appears spick,span and sparkling - but where is it?

Not sure how difficult this KesterTester will prove. Although I expect at least one regular reader to swoop pretty quickly, I might well have to give more clues after the weekend.

A bit controversial, this one!

If you think you know, answers, please, via the site messaging system or an email. Happy Sleuthing!

UPDATE: The competitors and result!

KT94 proved to be easier than I had imagined, not that all contestants got it correctly, of course.

First in was Alex Faludy, who was his usual rude self when it comes to Testers.

Bet you it is Slovenia, bloody Slovenia.”

Really, Rev Faludy! Poor Slovenia!

Always ready to consider a punt, Jerry Taylor thought it was a “lovely picture”, but professed “not a clue where it may be!” (Sorry, Jerry, can't win with that answer.)

David Thompson was very quick off the mark.

This is Skopje, Macedonia, I believe,” said he.

Steven Fisher opted for Thessaloniki, then changed his vote to “Somewhere on the Black Sea. Bulg or Rom. The statues of pompous 19th century grands hommes makes me think Rom, somehow. Constanza?”

Tom Chilton flitted in:

Hi KJ,

It's the Art Bridge in Skopje.


Quickly followed by Hubert “Poirot” Warsmann.

Welcome to Skopje, a clear contender for the title of Kitsch Capital City of Europe! Photo taken on the Art Bridge, lined up with statues of the great and the good of the Macedonian arts. One of the products of the Skopje 2014 project, whose main sponsor now lives in Budapest.”

I can sense a pattern developing here.

John Cantwell: “Looks like it’s in Skopje.

Maybe it’s so clean because the pic was snapped soon after construction in 2014?”

The pic is from July 2013, John.

Frank Hegedus was next to pay a quick visit.


Toughie... Stone Bridge, Skopje, perhaps...?”

Michael Leech was of similar mind.

Skopje …….. but unsure how to enter Kester !”

Seems as if you have just mastered that particular skill, Michael!

And finally, pleased to hear from Bénédicte Williams.

Hello Kester,

So easy! That's one of the few parts of Skopje that looks "spick, span and sparkling". You also wrote "controversial" and I would add "kitsch".

Best, Bénédicte”

Well, it's easy if you've been there, perhaps, but if not, I'd say it's a bit tougher, Bénédicte.

Just to say, yes, it is indeed Skopje, now officially in the country named North Macedonia. And, as Le Poirot hinted above, the architect of this bridge (and a lot of other statues and grand ornamentation) was the former PM Nikola Gruevski, who was smuggled out of his country with the help of the Hungarian government some years ago when facing investigation of corruption while in office.

Anyway, the draw for KT94 was made under the intense glare of television lighting in Fausto's restaurant, Budapest, last night by Mrs Kim Kirkby, who, fully aware of the seriousness of the event, twirled the seven numbers on paper slips representing the correct answers for several seconds before triuphantly pulling out - at this point there was hused slience as restaurant activity stopped entirely, as diners and staff could barely contain their excitement - number 2.

The tension was palpable, and long lasting, as I didn't have the list of correct answers on me, so even Mrs Kirkby has had to wait until now to learn that none other than Tom Chilton has once again landed this prestigious prize. (Who said the Scots are unlucky?)

Congratulations to Mr Chilton – that beer tab certainly is mounting up for when we next meet.

Thanks for joining in the fun to all who entered – and take another look at KT95 please, as this is proving extraordinarily difficult, it seems. I'll need to add another clue next week at this rate.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

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