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Chicken Pickin' - Washing Hangin'

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Every Picture Tells a Story (Don't it?) - 11 - UPDATED

A backstreet scene in a famous, historical city. I can't really remember taking this photo, and I think I only ever did one print. But it was published - fortunately, I got the print returned. Any guesses where it might be? I'll post the answer here on Thursday.

UPDATE: The back story to this pic is that it was my first to be published in The Economist, a publication which I adored in the 80s, and I was most proud of this achievement. It went with an article on housing in this city. I felt I'd really made it. Technically it's not bad of course, but it helped to make me realise that to get published in the top journals your pics had to match the photo editor's needs, rather than to having to be brilliant technically or artistically.

Owen thought it might be Portugal (sorry - there's a minaret tucked in there in the background which might negate that country's chances). However, three readers offered VERY confident answers.

"That has to be Istanbul. A good chance it might be in Cıhangır!" asserted Mike Birch, within minutes of publication.

"Looking at the pic, I can smell that sour brown coal smoke that permeated Istanbul in winter in the old days," reminisced Tom Chilton. "Am I right, again?"

"Istanbul!" shouted Alhakam, feeling he didn't need to give any reason for his decision.

I wasn't sure where Cıhangır was - I have been around there, Mike - but not with the camera.

I can't find the negatives, but I'm fairly sure this is near the Aya Sophia, in Fatih - somewhere behind the Pudding Shop, meeting place for hippies and travellers of the 60s and 70s made famous for the drug deal in Midnight Express.

Well done the winners, now I've got to think of the next EPTASDI - it feels non-stop, and I haven't got one lined up. Have a good week.

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