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Coronavirus: daily infections top 1,000 for first time as cases jump 70% in one week

Hungary recorded 1,070 new cases of Coronavirus on Saturday, the government website reported on Sunday morning. Photo: Govt website summary of the c-19

situation in Hungary

This brings the total new infections for the week to another unwelcome record of 5,681, or almost 812 per day, and leaves the country of just under 10 million with 12,916 active cases, a jump of 70% from 7,603 recorded last Sunday. Hungary has incurred just under 18,000 (17,990) infections since the first recorded case of the virus last March. The number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 climbed by 50 in the past week, and now stands at 683. Active infections remain the most concentrated in Budapest, at 5,309 cases, with 7,607 reported in the provinces. The rise in cases by county across the country can be seen on this website: However, this has not been updated with the 1,070 new infections reported on Sunday.

Photo: This is from the government website. It shows the cumulative number of C-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. (Apologies for the quality - I can't seem to upload a screen shot of these data boxes, but have to take a digital photo.) The spread of the novel coronavirus is “exceptionally rampant in Hungary compared to most other European countries”, virologist Ferenc Jakab said at a conference of Hungary’s University of Pécs, the pro-government Hungary Today reported this week.

Jakab, the head of Hungary’s coronavirus working group and one of PM Orbán’s advisers also warned that the number of cases and the death rate will greatly increase in the country in coming weeks.

UPDATE: Something positive. I've just been shopping, which involved a couple of long rides on the metro and a short trip on a bus. There seems to have been a leap in mask-wearing culture. Almost everyone was wearing masks, and I'd say 85% had both mouth and nose covered.

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