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Coronavirus infections in Hungary creeping up - 40 reported this weekend

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

UPDATED Monday, 20/07 - See below

The absolute numbers in Hungary remain thankfully low, and the envy of many national health services in western Europe. There were several days last week when there were no deaths put down to C-19.

However, the trend in infections is somewhat worrying. The govt website reported 18 new infections this morning (Sunday 19 July) and 22 yesterday.

This compares to a mere 11 on Saturday and Sunday last weekend.

While there has been only one death attributed to the virus this weekend, taking the number of deceased to 596, methinks the powers at be are very concerned about this.

Active infections stand at 514, with 82 in hospital and just three on ventilators.

Here's a story on how the state health service coped earlier in the pandemic. Of course, the government keeps telling everyone they're one of the best, but by far not all the professionals agree. I think we were lucky - we were late starting, and the government changed its policy, introducing lock-down in the nick of time.

During the crisis things were hardly helped by the government's unwillingness to share information to Budapest City Council - that's according to deputy mayor Kata Tüttő.

Awful lot of dosh reportedly made by some of the companies charged with importing protective equipment though. Who'd have thunked that, eh?

ps Normal service will be resumed in the Tales of a Teenage Spy saga tomorrow morning. Our Gábor needs his weekly break. Thank you for your patience. :)

UPDATE Monday 20 July - only six new infections reported this morning, with no deaths attributed to C-19 in the previous 24 hours.

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