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Entrepreneur Central-Eastern Europe - You May Use His Software - But Who and What?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

KesterTester57 - This young man's ideas have led to a Revolution in his segment of work, used by millions from Chile to Japan - UPDATED with results of KT56

Photo: This fellah went off (north) westards to study architecture (I think it was - I'll try to check that), then moved into arty stuff and next developed a revolutionary software just for himself. Before you could say Apple-Mac, friends started to ask if they could use it themselves, then a smart businessman said: Wait a minute - this could go commercial. And the rest is IT history. This pic is from 2014, IIRC

Along the way, the team also discovered some interesting characteristics to do with the human ability to absorb information. Oh, and I should also say he's one of the most thoughtful, decent individuals I've met this millennium.

Most people think his company - well, he is one of the main owners - is American.

If I don't get any correct answers, I might add another picture clue early next week.

Answers via the website messaging system or an email, please.

And, I know I've been tardy of late in publishing the results, but I will try to do the draw for KT56 (that's the town square) tomorrow here.

Meanwhile, have a great, but safe weekend - sadly we've had 8,370 new infections and 116 deaths reported this morning for the previous 24 hours across Hungary - but the authorities seem reluctant to re-introduce lock-down restrictions - I seem to remember we've been through this scenario before, with catastrophic results.

UPDATE - The results of KT56

Apologies for delays - negotiations for International TV rights for the KesterTester draw are taking ages and are in a very delicate stage, please understand.

This town square and folksie dancers produced a variety of guesses and proved harder than I had imagined - especially for some folk living in the neighbourhood :)

Marilyn Ball Brown thought it might be Baja, in southern Hungary, while Les Szabo confidently emailed in to pinpoint Szeged, adding "got me teeth done there!" (Do you think the nitrous oxide might be taking a long tie to wear off, Les :) )

Alex Faludy went a bit further south (and west), and after some rude comments, reckoned: "It is more probably somewhere in Northern .... Slovenia", but since he only knows of Ljubljana and Bled in that Alpine land, he couldn't get much further. (And obviously consulting google maps was a task too far for him.)

Tjaša also opted for Slovenia - actually, she recognised her home city: "Thank you for posting a beautiful photo of Maribor, It is very kind of you and it is warm in my heart to see it."

Well, it's super nice to get such messages, of course (Hvala lepa, Tjaša ) except ... I'm afraid it isn't Maribor.

True, it isn't too far away from the Drava river, but a fair few more miles downstream, and I suppose you could walk there from Slovenia (bit of a hike from Maribor, however).

Several sleuths, including Tom Chilton and John Cantwell homed in on the beer branding on the sunshades and concluded it must be Croatia.

"The KT pic is in Croatia (home of Pan beer) and obviously it's Slavonia, not Dalmatia," wrote Tom. "Googling Croatian textile producers led me to Varaždin. When do I get do buy you a beer?" Tom asked.

John Cantwell was a bit cheekier: "The big clue for me was the Pan logo on the awning. I thought that might be a Croatian beer, which proved to be true. My first thought was Varaždin. Not that I have ever been to that fair town. But it turned out to tick all the boxes and indeed the building with the tower looks rather like the Varaždin Town hall. So my guess is….Dubrovnik. No, just kidding, I’ll go with Varazdin."

And Bénédicte Williams also had a soft spot for the place. "Your photo was taken in "PAN" land, which seems to make it Croatian, and that architecture smacks so much of northern Croatia that I've decided this must be Varasd (which my friend B., who hails from there, calls Varaždin). She never told me about a textile factory, though. Now I'm looking forward to the results of KT56!" she wrote, before warning me to get the EU-approved Black Woolly hat sorted out pronto!

(Sorry again, Bénédicte!)

Hubert "Poirot" Warsmann ignored all links to ale, but also plumped for the very same municipality. "That's Varaždin, Croatia, picture is the main square with the townhall in the background," he confidently asserted.

The variety of knowledge exhibited by blog readers never ceases to amaze me. Alan Sutton was the first to respond to the challenge with this nugget.

"Dear Kester,

Komm mit nach Varaždin ...... Link: Komm mit nach Varasdin from Grafin Mariza "

They definitely appear to be having fun.

Well, after all that - the numbers went into the Red Zwack substitute cap again (I can't believe how the Official Black Woolly hat has gone missing for so long) .....and the lucky winner is .... wait for it .... Number 5 - none other than Bénédicte Williams.

Photo: Here's two more having fun in the town - these are locals in the Office Bar, near the old Town Centre. This is from May 2015, as was the town square photo.

By the way, the textile company was called Varteks, and if I remember properly, it made clothing for brands like Versace. It was tough going for them though, because the Croatian kuna is, or was when I was there (2008) always kept very strong - which brought in a lot of tourism euros, but made life hell for exporters.

Congratulations to all who took part and especially to Bénédicte - mine's a Pan (or two)!

Now who's the entrepreneur up top in this latest KesterTester?

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Nov 18, 2021

Well I am surprised how few knew that. It is a well known tune from the operetta by Kalman Imre played by just about every gypsy group in Budapest and beyond.

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