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Girl, Gulls and Margit híd - Merry Christmas 2022 from Budapest

A wintry scene from the Hungarian capital, almost certainly taken in 1992-93.

Photo: Judging from the struggle this little mite has to clear the bridge parapet in order to feed the birds, I guess she must be aged 4-5 when I took this pic - meaning, hopefully, she is in her mid-30s today and leading a happy, healthy, successful life.

And for those who don't know Budapest, that grand, domed building on the east bank of the Danube is the Hungarian parliament. When this pic was taken, it housed a more-or-less democratically elected assembly that still functioned as such.

The Competition Committee and myself wish all the best of the season and successful, satisfying New Year (and yes, apologies, I will get round to doing the draw and results for the Elvis KesterTester soon :))

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