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Good News for Foreigners with Hungarian Residence Permits – it seems

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

UPDATED Wednesday, 08 July, 10.30

and again Wednesday, 15 July, 10.00

The Hungarian Police have an English language page

which is jolly good of them. I'm sure it's reassuring for millions of English-speaking visitors and residents alike.

And it has nice photos flashing across it, police rescue boats on Balaton, police on horses splashing in a river somewhere, and a smiling policeman and woman patroling what looks like the western city of Veszprém.

There's just one problem – despite the claim that the site is "continuously updated" - it isn't. Sadly, you can't rely on it being updated on key issues, such as whether you're going to be allowed back in the country if you are a foreigner, with a residence permit.

Help is on hand, however, in the form of the aptly name Helpers Hungary – a commercial operation that helps sort out foreigners' problems.

<Disclaimer: I have no economic or financial links to the company. In fact, from what I remember from speaking to friends that have used them is that they don't come cheap. But if they solves yer problems, and you're happy – they clearly supply a service at market prices. I'm just not their market.>

Whatever, Helpers appear to be more on the ball when it comes to spotting legal changes than the Hungarian police - or at least police website editors.

By yesterday, 6th July, Helpers spies had spotted a change to official entry regulations which applies to non-EU citizens holding residence permits, allowing them to re-enter Hungary. Arrivals must still go into quarantine, unless they can produce tests proving no C-19 infection.

Here's the link for the official news.

and here's the Helpers' breakdown of this, in English.

Since neither the police, nor several embassies appear to have caught up with this yet (which is a bit of a worry) - I accept no responsibility for this information. And if you are a foreigner with residence permit who can make use of it, might be an idea to keep this link – the official one in Hungarian– on hand if and when you do re-enter the land of the Magyars.

Otherwise, Many Happy Border Crossings to you :)

UPDATE - Wednesday at 10.30 local time - Well, Hooray! The police seem to have spotted the new regulations yesterday afternoon (only three days after the changes) - see

Unless it's gone up a few minutes ago, the English language site still has a bit of translating to do.

NEW UPDATE - Wednesday 15 July - From Helpers Hungary - their latest explanation of the situation

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