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Groundbaiting Balaton

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

(Greetings of the Season & Best wishes for Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024)

Photo: An angler throws groundbait, hoping to attract fish around his line, close to sunset one evening in, I think, August 1992 or perhaps 93. If I remember correctly, this was near the shore at Balaton Fenyves, so this may be looking across the lake towards Badacsony - except the opposite shore line looks more like Kesthely.

Yes, I know this is not your average Christmas scene, but heck, the stuff you see on Christmas cards these days, what with wise men on camels with minarets in the background - this week I got a card with a polar bear on it! I mean, how many polar bears roam English villages with snow-capped cottages on your average December night, let alone Judea and Samaria in 4 BC? (Thank you D&K in any case, one gets very few 'real' cards these days, one should not complain.)

Anyway, why not have a reminder of summer in any case? Aussies, New Zealanders and S African readers will not feel this strange in any case.

Whatever, I like this pic, and It won't work for a KesterTester (bit of a tough question: Where is this?) so I thought I'd use Christmas Greetings as an excuse.

Interestingly, you see tonnes of sunset pics in colour, all impressive gold-red colours - but they are pretty easy really, especially these days with everyone snapping away on their phones - but rarely in monochrome. At least, I suppose, since the general appearance in the west of colour film, which must have happened in the late 40s and 50s.

Whatever, having (as usual of late) written only a few emails of the season personally, I've resorted to posting a pic and message on here as a way to greet friends and readers - so thanks for reading this an other posts over the last 12 months. Have a great, and safe, holiday season (and Happy Winter Solstice to Goran in Jajce) and hope we may meet and share some fun in the new year!

(I know, I know - I still have to post the answers to KesterTester107 - I promise to try and do that as soon as I can clear my desk! But you can still enter if you haven't done so - it surely isn't that difficult?)

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