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Hungary reports a record 292 Coronavirus Infections on Sunday morning

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Hungary has reported 292 new C-19 infections this morning, a record number in 24 hours, the previous high being 210 reported on the morning of April 10. In Hungarian: This follows 158 new cases reported on Saturday, and 132 on Friday, the first time since April when new infections broke the 3-figure threshold. The latest figures mean 1,588 people are suffering from the C-19 virus across Hungary, a jump of 57% on the total reported on Thursday morning, when numbers climbed to 1,008. However, there have been no new deaths attributed to the virus in that time.

Some commentators put the surge in numbers down to increased testing, caused, at least in part, by the revival of air travel since May. Indeed, the government figures indicate official tests rose by almos 27,200 last week, compared to 18,500 the previous week. It is not clear if theses numbers include tests at Liszt Ferenc International Airport, which has seen a surge in traffic since lockdown was lifted.

Anecdotal evidence from arriving passengers indicate a majority of arrivals hold two negative test certificates.

Regardless of the causes, in the past week, the Hungarian authorities have reported total of 806 new cases of Coronavirus infections. After accounting for those recovered, this means the number of actively infected people has risen by 741, or 87%, from 847 to 1,588. The number of active cases in Budapest has more than doubled in the seven days, from 302 to 652, while the provinces have seen numbers rise by 391, or 72%, from 545 to 936. In contrast to the sharp growth in infections, the number of deaths put down to the virus nationwide has climbed by just one in that time, bringing the toll to 614.

The government said on Friday afternoon it will close the borders to all non-Hungarian citizens from September 1, except for those with “a specially justified case” in response to the worsening situation in Europe.

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