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Industria Hungaria - Another Pic of Magyarország You Won't Find in the Fancy Coffee-Table Books

KesterTester50 - The Chimneys Grow Cold. (Or Smokestacks as our American Cousins would say). It's Hungary post 1989 - But what and where?

Photo: I believe the plant in the background was already largely closed when I took this piccie, which I think was August or September, 1995, when on a visit to a far more modern auto plant some distance, but not too far, from this scene.

Good grief, it's already KesterTester50, and you might say I should have chosen a more up-beat scene to celebrate half a century of these little challenges. Truth is, I was pondering how to give enough clues for the bright sparks reading this to make it a challenge without giving it away too easily. (I suspect most readers don't realise the thought I give to the choice of these pics and accompanying text - trying to make the tester a genuine, but solvable test.)

I don't know when this industry was established, but it certainly produced in the communist years, but then a lot did, living on low wages and cheap, dirty energy producing enough CO2 to give Greta Thunberg a month of sleepless nights.

(Just remember that next time a Hungarian politician boasts about the country's CO2 emissions reductions since 1990. Most of it was the result of closure of plants like this one, which were totally uneconomic once energy prices climbed to something like market cost.)

There's not much in the picture, is there? But I think there's enough. I'm not an electrical engineer, but I'd guess the insulators on the electricity pylon in the pic are far too big for the 240v AC you get in your living room, which might indicate something about what the plant did.

Coincidentally, I met a lady chemist last month, now retired, who worked at this plant for many years. I'll say a bit more about her when I post the answers to this next week. (Sorry I'm a bit late with this tester BTW - yesterday was manic as people in London wanted me to get interviews about the crowd behaviour at Thursday's foci match between Hungary and England.)

I'll post the results of KT49 in an update in here tomorrow. Suffice to say that I think I was far too generous with my clues, and made it too easy for quite a few in here, such is the canny quality of many who try their hand at these little challenges.

Oh, and I'll update the post of 10 days or so ago - Solace of Memory - about the photo exhibition in Ljubljana as soon as I've finished this one. A couple of friends have visited it and sent me their thoughts.

Have a good weekend!

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