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It's Budapest & a Well Frequented Spot - But When & Where was this? (And How do you Know?) -Updated

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

KesterTester 33 - A few things have changed since this scene was shot that might help date this piccie.

I have a really tough one lined up for next week's KesterTester - well, GuesterTester in truth. That means, out of the goodness of my heart, this week's challenge is relatively easy - perhaps too easy for many in here, so it's a two-part, or you might say three-part, question.

I'll update this tomorrow with the results of last week's KT32 - that's the bus on the suspension bridge, so you can still send in an answer for that, if you think you know, either via the site messaging system or an email.

Update: Since I left my laptop at the BBJ office on Friday afternoon, I was unable to put up the result of KT32's winner on Saturday. However, all is now well. The suspension bridge in last week's Tester was "easy peasie" according to Sanyi, and the photo made it look "too small" according to Bill in the Forest of Dean, but since the river "had to be the Danube" it had to be the Bridge at Bratislava, Slovakia. ( I think it's taken on a 28mm or possibly 19mm lens, Bill, so yes, the tower probably appears 'thrown back' more than real life.)

Well, that was indeed the correct answer, and both names, plus five others, went into the EU accredited black wooly draw hat - and the winner was number 4 - step forward and prepare for global celebrity status Mr John Cantwell!

I suspect this bridge was a mighty status project back in communist days, and also a 'social engineering' project to populate the Petržalka area on the south bank of the river, which had been mere fields earlier. (Would any Slovak readers like to comment - I know we have the odd person log on from Bratislava?)

OK - now what about the photo up top? Have a good week.

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