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Józsi takes a ciggi break - where?

KesterTester100 - A toughie to celebrate 100 Testers

Photo: I rather like this portrait of artisan József Muskovits standing at the door of his workshop, cigarette in hand. It was taken, if I remember correctly, in 1993.

It's the 100th KesterTester, and since up to now I've not won a single round of my own competition, I think this just shows what a soft heart I am. But enough is enough, and I've decided to make you sleuth hard for your money on this one.

Where exactly was this photo taken? I don't mean the town or city, I mean the street and house number. It may seem impossible, but I believe for any genuine sleuth worth the title, it's sleuthable, even if you are located in Bradford or The Bronx. (OK, it might help to speak some Hungarian, but I think you could still do this without. )

And, to reflect the importance of reaching this historic milestone, I will grant the winner the right to buy me three Pilsner Urquell beers instead of the regular two. :)

So, answers via an email or the site messaging system if you would.

I think I need to add another clue for KT99 next week as Gary is struggling in frustration.

Happy sleuthing and have a great weekend!

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