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KesterTester 46 - What is this Statue and Where is this Location? (Updated with KT45 Results)

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

This should be a well known spot to many readers of this blog, but this artefact, which I have an idea has a varied history, has since been moved on - thought to where, I know not. Pic taken probably around 1990.

Well, it's a good job I loaded this piccie into the system in April, because for the past few days the wondrous Wix whizz kids (that's the lot who have designed and own this blog operating system I've signed up to) have been tinkering with their plaything, and somehow ruined my ability to transfer photo files onto the blog. Not only that, but subscribers and site members are no longer getting their automatic alerts they are used to when I publish something on here.

So here's a message to Mr and Ms Wix - please leave well alone until you are sure you know the results, because your continual efforts to improve things often seem to backfire. And frankly, if anyone asked my advice on which blog system I would recommend, I could only say: "I don't know, but not Wix."

Anyway, at least we've got this one out, and tomorrow I'll update this post with the results of KT45 - the Beny Hill high-class pizzeria-cafe (so you can still have a crack at it).

Answers please, either via the site messaging system (assuming it is working?) or an email.

Happy sleuthing.

UPDATE: The results of KT 45 - The "Beny Hill pizzeria-cum-cafe"

True to real life, Beny Hill (or Benny Hill) proved to be a bit of an enigma for this site's worthy readership.

Alex Faludy, always willing to have a crack, reckoned it could well be Balaton, adding, with a touch of swagger: “Also the slight air of tattiness is more redolent of South side than north side. Naturally I only ever stay on. the north side.”


Steven Nelson also weighed in. "Is it in Albania?" he asks. "I wonder if they also have a Café John Belushi, as the American comic and actor was of Albanian origin!"

Not sure about the Belushi, Steven, but you are a bit warmer than Balaton, methinks.

Richard Lock also favoured the principal non-Slavic country in the Balkans. “In answer to KT45 – my guess is Albania. I have heard several times that Benny Hill (and G W Bush) are both big there!”

Well, that's one vote Balaton, two for Albania.

Hubert “Poirot” Warsmann, forever hot on the KT trail, wrote: “Hi there, well it has a Balkan air to it, there is a sign in Albanian on the shop next door. Don Cafe is sold in Serbia, Romania and some surrounding countries. Former YU had a fascination for US, Brit TV shows of the 60's and 70's, so my vote goes to Kosovo or North Macedonia.

Well, ok, but cmmon, Hubert, you can't have two guesses!

But then we have Tom Chilton, who sleuthed his heart away for this one. “Kosovo innit? The sign in the window was the clue. Google says it's Albanian for 'we have filling'.

I don't think you have been to Albania so I guess it is Kosovo. The guess the sign means 'we have a job vacancy'.

üdv, TLC”

Well, it could, as Hubert noted, quite easily be North Macedonia, and I suppose it's a bit unfair (since you know me too well), but you win again! How do you cope with the fans? How are you going to fnance all those beers?

It is indeed Kosovo, and I'm pretty certain it's Pristina, the capital, thought I can't remember where. I did google it, but couldn't find any leads, so perhaps it's closed since I took the pic, in 2010, I think it was.

Well done all. Now, where is that statue up top?

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Aug 02, 2021

Kester - the Germans have a wonderful word "Verschlimmbesserung" for improvements which actually make things worse. The nearest thing we have in English is Hutber's Law

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