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KesterTester01 -Where is this Budapest scene?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Update: 26/08/2020

I went there this morning to see how it's changed - didn't set the new lens to exactly the right focal length, but you can see the basics. Changed for the better? (I don't think so.) Better to go at about 14.00 at this time of year to get the sun at the right angle. Well done Kati Tordas!

Original text: Many years ago, soon after the fall of THE Wall, there was an English-language newspaper called Budapest Week*, and an English-langauge radio station called Radio Bridge**.

I worked for both, and in 1991 decided to start a little competition using my photographs. Readers had to identify the location of the photo (always in Budapest), and had a week to send it in on a slip, when we'd have a draw of the answers live on the morning radio show - first correct answer out of the hat won a free dinner for two at a sponsoring restaurant.

Someone at the radio station - I think it was Rachel (she who is the English voice on BKV metros and trams today) - said we could call it the Kester Tester. So we did.

Anyway, 29 years on, for a bit of fun (no free dinners this time), I've decided to publish a piccie every week or so as a test for blog readers.

This pic was actually taken about 1993 or 94 - but the scene is still largely the same. I'll give you a clue: it's very near a major transport hub in the capital - like a 30-second walk.

If you think you know the answer, post it in comments. First correct answer wins historical acclaim :)

* Budapest Week was founded by (amongst others) Rick and Dick Bruner, Steve Carlson and Tibor Szendrei. (There were a couple more, but I've forgotten.)

** Radio Bridge 'stars' included Canadian-Hungarian Attila Micskó, American Richard Rifkin, Australian-Hungarian Peter Linka, and newsreader father-and-son team Sándor and Zoltán Köröspataki. And there was Zsuzsa, who did the events listings.

And if you remember these names, you've probably been here too long! :)

UPDATE - In response to Jerry's comment. Jerry, I've somehow messed up on my IT stuff, so I'm now in the embarrassing situation of not being able to log into my own website to comment :)

Hence this note here. No, we've never had a drink in this establishment - yet.

Oh, and I'll tell you a true story about this bar when we meet. Not that it's rude or anything, just too complicated to go in here.

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