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KesterTester02 - Where is this Budapest Scene?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Following the overwhelming response (well, 60-odd visits, which was far better than I imagined) of last week's initial KesterTester, I've had to follow up.

And yes, congratulations to Ms Katalin Tordas, who identified the borozó on the very short Dékán utca, a few paces away from what old timers know as Moszkva tér, latterly renamed Széll Kálmán tér,

So, having had the inaugural tester in Buda, I had to go across the Danube for the sake of even handedness for this week's competition. I searched through my more modern piccies for a suitable image, but, lacking any that would work, reverted to ageing black and white prints. This pic was probably taken in 1989, when the facade to this building was in a dire state of repair.

It has since been done up, but is (I hope) surely recognisable. It is certainly on a listed and famous building in Pest. So where/what is it?

UPDATE: Well, just to check it hasn't changed much - bar some stone clearning - I went to more or less the same location last Tuesday morning, and took the colour piccie on the right (above).

If you still don't know where this is, the final piccie should surely give it away. Congratulations to Hubert W for correct identification! (He reckoned it was easy - thing is, they always are, when you know!)

Looking through some boxes of B&W piccies last night, I came upon another shot (left), almost certainly taken from the same spot as the first, but probably with a standard or 100mm lens. This reveals the red flag flying with the Hungarian tri-colour.

It made me realise it was probably April 4, 1989 - the last time this day was recognised as a national holiday in commemoration of the "liberation' of Hungary by the Red Army in the Spring of 1945. (Hey, Red Army fans, don't forget USAAF and RAF bombers had made your job easier by softenening up the defences with numerous raids starting a year earlier. That cost lives too.)

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Aug 26, 2020

Looks suspiciously like the central part of the top floor of the New York Palace / facade on the körut.


Aug 22, 2020

KT2 You’ve got me there Kester. I know I’ve a web it but I haven’t a clue, and not being in BP at the moment I can’t got scouring the Streets looking for it.

Nice one.

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