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KesterTester03 - Where is this Budapest Scene?

Here's another Golden Oldie, and an image which I don't think you could get today. This is not because the scene - well, ok, it's no big clue, the church - is not there. It is, of course. It's been renovated too (of course). But for natural reasons, I don't think you could get the light and shadow effects on this spot today. I'll let you work out why, if you can recognise the location in the first place! He he he, this is a KesterTesterPlus!

If I remember correctly, this was taken on Sunday, October 1, 1989. It was not a set up photo, but it was carefully planned. I was searching through my B&W prints last night and was overjoyed to discover that I still had a copy. I think it's a cracking shot. So, apparently, did the Guardian photo editor, because he used it in the paper a few days after I submitted it in January 1991. (I never saw a copy, Antonia, a friend, said she's spotted it a week or so after it appeared. Should anyone have a copy, I'd love to see it.)

Now, where is it? For sure, thousands of people pass this spot in Budapest every day. You can see it from a BKV vehicle. And if you look carefully at the pic, .... No, no more clues! It's up to your observant eagle eyes :)

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