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KesterTester05 - Where is this Budapest Scene?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Following last week's KT04 - which proved easier than I ever imagined - we have something a bit more challenging, I hope, this week.

This piccie was taken one morning in October, 1989.

You certainly can't take it today - the red star has gone, of course - but I think you might still be able to get it, just not sure if a certain building has expanded its reach to prevent the public gaining access to the spot I took this from. (There's a clue there.)

You'd also have to use the right lens. I believe it was on a 500mm mirror, but might have been less.

So, where was it, and what is the image in the foreground? (I know it's out of focus, so sorry about that :) )

As for KT04 - three people wrote in within an hour of publication with the right answer - each saying they didn't want to post what it was so as not to spoil the competition so soon. Sorry, I forget who you were!

Yes, despite my use of a very wide-angle lens - 19mm I think - you can still make out the Chain Bridge, tiny though it appears. The shot was taken from inside the Gresham Palace, long before it was converted into a hotel when it was still in use as regular housing stock. This was probably about 1993 or so, one Saturday afternoon, IIRC.

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3 comentários

12 de set. de 2020

Would this be the dome of the Hungarian Parliament building, once upon a time?


11 de set. de 2020

Sorry the comment ended up on KT05 instead of KT03. The shadows could be the cables holding the trolleybus power supply system in place at the Kiraly u Nagymezo u intersection.


11 de set. de 2020

or the wires of the trolleybus? More exactly the cables holding the power supply system in place at the intersection Kiraly u / Nagymezo u.

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