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KesterTester06 - Where is this Budapest Scene?

A bt of fun to begin the weekend.

Well, you either know this one, or you don't, I suspect. While it is not far away from tourist territory, it is not on your normal visitor itinerary, I suspect.

This pic is from c 1992, but I'm pretty sure the scene hasn't changed - except, of course, I don't suppose the elderly gentleman is likely to be walking past today.

If I remember correctly, this was a Saturday afternoon, at about 2.00 pm.

As for last week, congratulations to Hubert W - who did some excellent

detective work to be the first to answer.

Georgy and Andrej both got the answer later. Annabel was working hard at it, but didn't get the correct foreground. I hope I haven't missed anyone out who deserves praise.

KT05 is of the top of the parliament building in 1989, with the Memorial to the Soviet Soldiers who died in WW2 out of focus in the foreground. The photo was taken in front of the US embassy. Apart from the absence of the red star, I'm not sure if this same photo could be taken today because the embassy security hall may have expanded to prevent such a shot.

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