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KesterTester07 - Where in Budapest is this scene?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

And what's that car and who owned it?

OK, it's time to start getting a bit tough, as there are some really smarty pants looking on this site and getting the answers all too quickly.

So, this scene was shot around 1988. It's in a street* that thousands use every day and night - although not quite so much in these days of the dreaded Covid-19.

If you've spent any time in Budapest, chances are you've been here, but the area has changed dramatically from what it was back then, and I suspect that you can't stand in this doorway today. I think I probably used my 17mm wide angle to get both sides of the door into the pic.

But look at the cars! The one on the left looks like a Wartburg - a marque which everyone seems to have forgotten, being overshadowed in the imagination by the Trabbie - but my guess is that they were both about equal in numbers on Hungarian roads back in the day.

And then there is the American job! I mean, at the time, such a car was a real rarity. In fact, I felt it spoiled the photo - I didn't want a western car in the photo, but I couldn't hang around until left. What is it? I'm sure some petrol head must know. I presume it was owned by one of the earliest returning American-Hungarians, please ask around if you know any old-timers if they know.

As for last week's entry - it is the "Tinplate Crucifixion" scene on the corner of Tavaszmező utca and Mátyás tér, in the so-called Magdolana quarter of District VIII. (I had never heard of the Magdolna district before, I confess.)

I'm pleased to announce that Tom Chilton of Vác, with bit of help from his good wife, got it right and earned himself the prize of being able to buy me two beers next time we meet :)

* A final clue for this week's tester - I'm pretty sure this street has reverted to it's former name, actually, probably one of the first to do so.

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27 sept. 2020

Is it Kiraly utca, formerly known as Mayakovsky Street?

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