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KesterTester10 - Where in Budapest is this scene?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The Good Knight stands Guard - not that he did his job that well when it came to guarding this building in the early 1990s :) (That's a clue)

Back to Budapest this week, folks. I have a soft heart, so giving you yet another easy one. (I don't know why I do this, I should have learnt my lesson by now.)

Last week's Tester attracted fewer entries than normal, but yet again, several clever clogs swooped in early.

I believe it's a town pretty much under a regular flight path from London (or, say, Brussels) to Budapest, but as you are still at 36,000 feet when there, it's a bit difficult to spot the beautiful architecture from that distance :)

(By my reckoning you usually begin the the glide path about 7-10 minutes later, soon after crossing into Slovak air space - if any pilots are reading this, could you confirm?).

Anyway, it's the town of Telč, which is in the Czech Republic - not sure if it's in Bohemia or Moravia to be honest - but it's not far from the Austrian border, and I think it was built mostly by German-speakers. (If I've got that wrong, I'm going to get a lot of unfriendly comments from the natives today. I love Czechs, honest!*)

Anyway, the CC winner is a certain Sándor Németh (not the Faith Church one) who has already written to say he's saving up to buy me beers for the rest of the year, he feels that honoured to gain world-wide fame as a KesterTester Winner so soon in life.

And, I forgot to put up the answer to KesterTester08 - it is a memorial to the fallen raiway workers in World War 1, on the former MÁV headquarters on Andrássy út and Izabella utca. So many of you got it, I've deleted it from the competition,.

The reason why I thought it was special is that a John Gough, a railway historian contact, told me some years ago that it is the only national railway HQ to have been built as such and stayed so all its working life.

But I re-contacted John, and he said the source of this 'fact' was a MÁV manager when he visited the building some years ago. So, well, it may be a fact based on less-than-solid ballast (that's a railway joke), so we'll only believe that when confirmed from another source.

* Just to prove I love Czechs, here's links to a couple of pieces I did on these most western of Slavic peoples in the FT. Ah, forget the links, just google;

Czech Viticulture Palava causes a stir in Wine Making Circles

Kester Eddy, Plan to inject excitement into Country's Image

and here's link to the FT's 2014 Investing in the Czech Republic - got a stories on Brno and beer

Right, take a good look at that Knight above,

have a read of "Sleaze and Spooks" (Chapter 39 of Tales of a Teenage Spy - published on Wednesday - it's not had many visits yet)

and have a good weekend everyone!

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Oct 16, 2020

Hahaha, Kester,

“he's saving up to buy me beers for the rest of the year” – What kind of joke is that?

I’ve spoken to the Two-Tailed Dog Party, and arranged for some free beers for you, in addition to eternal life if they win the next parliamentary election. Won’t that be enough?



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