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KesterTester12 - Where in Budapest is this scene?

Not really difficult this week, thousands pass by this every day, but now many see it?

Photo taken in c 1994 - chances are these children will have their own kids by now.

Last week's KesterTester11 produced a flurry of correct answers, with the first two arriving at exactly the same time, and a third, from the Pacific Coast state of Oregon requesting the Competition Committee take into account the vast time difference between the two continents.

The committee duly pondered this grave, philosophical and legal point over a beer, then a wine, then another wine, and by then in a decidedly generous mood opted to award the stateside entry an equal right to joint first prize.

The Committee disenfranchised Tom Chilton for his cockiness (he wrote 'easy peasy' in his answer), but then undisenfranchised him because he sent a photo from the opposite side of the statue, reproduced below.

Special mention must go to runners up Steve Soley, David Copp and Carolyn Bánfalvi who were a bit late answering.

Peter Woodger suggested "Middle earth, based on that hobbit on the left" and Jerry Taylor, who said he was clueless but if it was "beer on tap from the barrel" he wants to know where it is more than normal. Both get a highly desirable KesterTester Humour Certificate for those.

So [ drum role .... l boom boom boom] the joint winners, to whom the Committee graciously awarded the right to buy me two beers (or wines) each next time we meet, are ... Gabriella Downing, David McCall and Tom 'easy-peasy' Chilton for correctly identifying the photo as Tokaj town. Below is a more common angle to this scene, sent by Mr Chilton.

I will provide the anecdote and location to yesterday's first ever Every Picture Tells a Story [Don't it?] competition later this evening or tomorrow morning if I'm too whacked.

Now please focus on KesterTester12 and stay safe over the next 7 days.

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