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KesterTester21 - It's Budapest - But What and Where?

Photo: From about 1989-90, I think. This Hotel had recently been renovated at the time.

But, to my surprise, I passed by before Christmas and glimpsed this facade, and it appeared this building is no longer a hotel, a victim of Coronavirus, perhaps? I'm surprised, I'd have thought this was a protected building. But maybe I didn't have enough time to look properly, and all is safe and preserved.

Really, with the many cognoscenti that frequent this competition, I fear this round may be treated with disdain - it may seem to be the easiest of peasiest, as Mr Chilton is wont to say.

But equally, as many of you strained the grey matter over KT20 to no avail, and then on the doggie plus train puzzle (including Mr Chilton himself, by his own admission) I thought I had to give you a less demanding starter for the New Year.

So, where and what is this? The much sought after right to buy me two beers is there, free, for any who wish to partake - you just need to proffer the correct answer ASAP.

As to KesterTester 20 - well, I almost won this, entries were few and far between. But I hadn't counted on a certain lawyer having an office which actually looked down upon the series of facades. Lawyers, drat!

Yes, this is one of the cross connections of the Gozsdu Udvar, at the more up-market heart of the Party District in Budapest VII. It looks far smarter than this today, of course - and no doubt a lonely pensioner could not afford a flat in such a prime location in 2021. Such is the price of consumer progress.

And the sole correct entrant and proud winner (finally) of the 20th KesterTester is none other than .... drum roll ..... Dorsetonian Richard Lock! Richard, I hope you have braced yourself for the tsunami of adoring fans who are now set to descend upon you, eager to partake of just a sliver of the glory and acclaim you have now achieved.

And I will make myself available for the two pints at the first opportunity :)

Have a good week!

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Jan 05, 2021

The Nemzeti Szalloda on Blaha Lujza ter.

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