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Live With Fire - Updated

Updated: May 13, 2023

KesterTester98 - Perhaps an ill-considered advertisment given the location of this massive digital screen. Why, and where is it, exactly?

Photo: One could have thought running this advertisement might have caused an uproar locally, but when I was there, nobody seemed to take any notice. Piccie taken in 2014, if I remember correctly. Naturally, it's in the CEE-SEE region.

I'm not sure how tough a tester this will prove, although our own M Poirot will be one reader who will immediately recognise the location. (I think this is too easy for our super sleuth, TBH.)

Answers please via the website system or in an email (and not in the comment section). Please insert KT98 somewhere in the title so I don't lose your entry - and chance of global celebrity status!

I will also add a second photo to the KT97 post (Mother Theresa) showing the location better.

UPDATE: extra clue. As I suspected, this tester has proved metaphorically as tough as the building shown in the photo.

This building was considered a wonder of local architerctural design when completed. Indeed it still is by some, though it has been partially rebuilt since this photo was taken, itself, apparently, a controversial move.

Perhaps stalled sleuthers should think about what might have caused the extensive damage that it appears to have suffered.

And, softie as I am, I can reveal it is located near the confluence of two important rivers, or river systems, in the region.

So there you go. Happy Sleuthing!

UPDATE: Contestants and Winner!

Apologise for taking so much time over this, work and life seems to eat up the days!

First in for KT98 was from Mihály Hollós:

Hi Kester,

I believe the pic was taken in Zagreb, Croatia.

Best, -Misi

Jerry Taylor popped by to say:

Hi Kester

Don’t know if it’s Mostar or Belgrade but does look familiar

Cheers – Jerry.

Hmm. Well, everyone looking at former Yugoslavia so far. Ian Wraight was similarly minded – but more specific.

Hi Kester

The MoD building, Beograd

verdict: Fail


I'm not sure what 'fail' means in this context, Ian?

Steven Fisher sent a quick email:

Dunno how to get onto the website, but it looks like the latest KT is the Ministry of Defence in Belgrade?” he saith.

Priit Pallum was of similar mind.

Dear Kester,

Belgrade, Serbian/Yugoslav Ministry of Defence or what is left (was left in 2014?) of it, in the background.

Best regards, Priit.

It was at this point, my heart softened, and I gave out some more clues - which proved a catalyst for more entries, beginning with David McCall.

Dear Kester,

The "building" in the background of your photo is of the Савезни секретариjaт за народну одбрану, or Yugoslav Ministry of Defense building, as it was called at the time it was bombed in 1999 by NATO forces as part of the Kosovo War. The building's presence in Belgrade has come to symbolize the perseverance of the Serbian people, and some would say the way they stood up to Western oppression and refused to collapse.

It's interesting to see how this ruin has become such a different symbol than the Kaiser Wilhelm Church in (West) Berlin, which has served as a symbol of peace and the overall horrors of war.

Another of those topics one should just let drop when brought up over Rakija!

Have you recovered from the papal visit?

David McCall

Mayor, City of Bay City”

I didn't have much to do with the papal visit, David. Well, that's an exaggrration – I had nothing to do with it!

Michael Glover then had a pop. I imagine it is in Belgrade, Kester.

Ted Boone was also fishing in former Yugoslavia

Hi Kester - Until your clue about the two rivers I was going to go with Sarajevo, with the damage being done during the siege of the 1990s. I am however only aware of one river near Sarajevo plus a little creek. But you know what? Given the stakes involved I cannot afford to pass up an entry if I have even the slightest chance so I am going to go with Sarajevo anyway.

That's the spirit, Ted! The stakes are indeed something to behold!

Tom Chilton esq was, well, succinct, if not curt.

Belgrade. Defence Ministry,” wrote he.

Frank Hegedus said: “Thank you for the extra clues.

My wild guess is Belgrade during that war in the 1990s....there having been so many since...

And Gary Morrell fingered the Serbian capital too:

The media building in Belgrade.


John Cantwell also homed in: “Hi Kester,

I googled “fire-damaged building belgrade” (Belgrade being at the confluence of the Sava and Danube) and immediately saw photos of the Yugoslav Ministry of Defence building, which was bombed by NATO in 1999 and matched your pic perfectly. John

That's correct, John. It is indeed the Ministry of Defence building, some 15 years after it was hit in night-time cruise missile attacks at the time of the Kosovo crisis.

(When I spotted this, I thought the advert for certain sports shoes was somewhat inappropriate - but there again, I'm no advertising expert. )

So into the hat go Iam Wraight, Steven Fisher and Priit Pallum, with numbers 1, 2 & 3, plus 7, 8 & 9 (they double up for entering with the full and correct answers – sorry, Belgrade alone wasn't enough for this one - before the extra clues), while David McCall, Tom Chilton and John Cantwell are allocated 4, 5 & 6.

So, with the tension rising as I put the paper slips into the Afghan hat, and the draw is … lucky number 5 – Tom Chilton!

Tom is, of course, a multi-winning, global celebrity already boasting tens of thousands of fans through his KesterTester sleuthing, so he knows how to deal with the fame and demands for selfies as he tours the world far and wide – and that's two more beers Mr Chilton!

And it just so happens I've discovered a very interesting new pub on Márvány utca with Czech beers, so I think we'll have to book a table!

I have to have a word of sympathy for Priit Pallum, who has entered numerous KesterTesters with the correct answer, but somehow has never had his number drawn! Keep going Priit, I'm sure you have to get lucky eventually!

Anyway, congrats to Tom and thanks to everyone who 'had a go' and joined in the fun!

I'll post another KT soon – and as it's the 100th KesterTester I have an especially tough one in mind. But don't forget KT99, it's still open for entries!

Bests, Kester

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