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New Covid-19 infections in Hungary rise by 43 Saturday-Sunday

Updated at 17.30 - see end.

A total of 43 new cases of people newly infected by the C-19 virus were reported in Hungary in the 24-hour period up to 09.14 this morning, Sunday August 9. This is a jump in infections not seen since May 20-21.

See (in Hungarian)

(I trawled through past reports and did some simple subtraction exercises to come by these numbers – and while I tried my best to be accurate, there could possibly be an error in the process.)

The latest figures follow 32 new cases reported on Saturday morning, 24 on Friday and 33 on Thursday, resulting in a total of 132 new infections over the past four days.

This equates to an average of 33 new infections per day.

For comparison, the numbers for the equivalent days in July were 10, 5, 16 and 6, giving a total number of new infections of only 37 – or just over 9 per day on average.

Whether this more-than-threefold rise in the past month is the result of better detection systems or a genuine increase in infections, it is clear that infections are rising in the provinces faster than in the Hungarian capital.

On Saturday, there were 195 active cases of infection in Budapest, with 365 in the provinces. On Sunday, those numbers were 200 and 390 respectively.

On the positive side, the number of deceased put down to the C-19 virus stands at 602, an increase of five people in the past week and just 11 in the past month.

As of noon on Sunday, the English language government website had only reported the latest numbers up to Saturday.

Update as 17.30: The English-language government site has been updated, sort of, since I posted. Not very helpfully though.

The authorities seem to want to obfuscate the situation as well as they can. Instead of informing you of the latest number of infections (and deaths) directly, they insist on giving you the cumulative totals. And a bunch of percentages as to the total recoveries out of those totals.


So, if you want to know the latest number of infections or deaths over 24 hours, you have to do some arithmetic. Without that, you are none the wiser as to the latest trends. Clever, eh?

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