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Newsflash: 100E BUD Airport Shuttle More Frequent, Earlier Starts, Later Departures

From Saturday 11 September: Service Frequency to be 20 minutes, First Bus to Airport at 03.30, Last Bus to City at 00.35. Fare Remains HUF 900.

Photo: The very popular 100E Airport - City Centre (Deák Ferenc tér) Shuttle. Photo BKK

I don't have the time or resources to do 'normal' news stories, but since this could affect a lot of people and its launch seems to have been less that perfectly publicised, here's the basics of the latest news from the BKK- ie the Budapest Public Transport Center.

I was alerted to this by today's Hungary AM, the news digest service of the BBJ, and checked it out on the BKK website, where they have reported it only in Hungarian so far - and only as a news update - here:

The 100E express bus service between the city center and Ferenc Liszt International Airport will run every 20 instead of every 30 minutes, with extended service times.

The first 100E bus will leave the city center at 03:30 in the morning, and the last of the day at midnight.

The first from the airport will depart at 04.10, with the final departure at 00.35 (I suppose that will begin on Sunday morning, not Saturuday - but it's not 100% clear.)

Ticket prices for the 30-40 min trip stay at HUF 900, and can be purchased using the BKK's mobile app, or from machines (or even sometimes from humans).

The new service coincides with the extra traffic expected before the culmintation of the International Eucharistic Congress, with a mass at which Pope Francis will preside on Sunday.

This will affect some other BKK services beginning today, Friday, until midnight on Sunday. These includ the Number 2 tram, Number 5, 105, 115 and 178 buses and 70 and 78 trolleybuses.

Sorry, only in Hungarian (so far), and no time to translate in detail.

I don't like to criticise the BKK, who are usually pretty good, but they've botched their info on this, most particularly the lack of English news. (Who knows, perhaps they're working on publishing it all first in Latin, thinking that's more politically correct right now.)

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