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Record 6,000 New Infections Last Week - Rate of Increase Falling

Hungary reported a record 6,024 new cases of coronavirus last week, bringing the total number of actively infected people to 18,137. This represents an average of 860 new cases per day. Note: Data on this diagram does not include today's figures

The total of deceased rose by 53, to 736, according to the latest figures published on the government website this morning. While the increase in infections slowed to 323, or just 6% more than the previous week's total of 5,681, the absolute number, when put into historical context, is shocking. It took until August 31 for the cumulative total of Covid-19 cases to top 6,000 since the pandemic began in Hungary, just over five months previously. Since that date, ie less than one calendar month ago, the total number of infections has almost quadrupled, from 6,139 to 24,014, and deaths have risen from 615 to 736, an increase of 121 - or almost 20%. Currently there are 620 patients being treated for Covid-19 in Hungarian hospitals, with 38 on respirators. A total of 5,141 formerly infected patients have recovered. 24,538 people are under quarantine orders. Most cases of the virus come from the 20-29 age group, Chief Medical Officer Cecilia Müller said last weekend, with a mean age of infected people falling to just 35 years old in mid-September. While younger people are likely to survive any infection, they can still easily pass it on to older relatives, the CMO warned.

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