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Romance & Rowing Boat - On a Lake in Hungary - but Where? (Updated)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

KesterTester 29 - Since it's been sunny of late, this photo seems appropriate for today, even if just as a reminder of how life was pre-Covid (Mind you, this pic was very pre-Covid - like 1993 if I recall correctly).

I think I must be going soft in the head, posing this as this week's KesterTester - I mean, we all know - half of central Euorope must know - which lake this has to be, don't we? (Or do we?) But of course, assuming it is the big one, I need to know not just the lake, but where on the lake? There again, is it the big one? (Heh, heh, heh :))

Answer next week. Meanwhile, I've got to make the draw for the incredibly lucky winner of KT28, for whom fame, fortune, adulation and two beers on the slate await. I'll post that here tomorrow - so you still have time to have a stab of a guess.

Have a good weekend.

Addendum: The answer to KesterTester28 was ...

Well, first of all, I was rapped over the knuckles because Grant Boyd-Gibbins spotted I'd made a technical error - the young lad pictured is "an in-line skater" - not a skateboarder. Humble apologies to all inline skaters who may feel offended by my ignorance and thank you Grant for sorting me out on that one.

There was a good clutch of entries, although some were a bit of a shotgun approach - "Ljubljana or Maribor" proffered Michael Leech. Michael, that's like saying London or Birmingham, Michael.

Anyway, you number did not come out of the EU-approved black wooly hat. Instead, it was number 5, meaning the winner, who must now prepare himself for the onerous duties of celebrity status and all that that entails (including two beers for me) is ... Michele Orzan, whose entry was "Trg Republike, Ljubljana? :)" - the big square-plaza in front of the 1960s Slovenia Parliament building.

Tester regular John Cantwell must get a mention for super-sleuthing the answer by reading the bank name on the flags, googling the bank to find its main branches. Admirably clever stuff, but your number didn't come up this week, John!

The immediate building shown is the main branch of Nova Ljubljanska Banka, which is kind of the OTP of Slovenia and has its HQ in the big tower - although I'm reliably informed they want a nice, new, shiny (and almost certainly expensive) HQ.

I remember a lecturer in an MBA class (coincidentally at the IEDC School of Management, in Bled, Slovenia) saying something like: "Beware when you see a company management building a fancy new HQ for themselves, and be aware they are spending shareholders' money to do it. It's often a bad sign."

I'll say no more here and now. For all I know, NLB may have very good, business-based reasons for moving into a fancy new building.

Now, what and where is this shot above? It's certainly flummoxed at least one native expert so far ..... anyone would think I like posting trick KesterTesters :)

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