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Somewhere in Provincial Hungary - A Door. But Where?

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

And why? KesterTester52 - A different kind of Tester this week. I mean, a door? What on earth? How can this be a clue? I'll post another photo clue on Wednesday evening and a third on Friday. Anyone who can identify the municipality from this alone wins a KT de lux award. (It means you win ever more glory and the right to buy me four beers.) UPDATED

Photo: Well, it's a door. It's no trick. But with some intriguing no xxxx signs. So where is it? Why the signs? Answers via the messaging system or via email please. (Not as a comment as it will spoil the competition - at least if you're correct!)

I do apologise for the late posting of KesterTester results. I've started teaching again at a local university. It's just once a week, and only 1hr 20 mins in the classroom. But oh my goodness, there are 24 students (double what I had in 2019, and they were a handful) and the marking of coursework takes days. Yes, days. Plus three of those students are abroad in quarantine, meaning I have further time-consuming online messing about which I wasn't expecting.

As for the remuneration - don't ask.

The good news - well, I suppose it's good news - is that so far, most of them are wonderful, enthusiastic, idealistic, intelligent young people. (If they weren't, my resignation note would have gone in last week. In fact, it was written on Wednesday - I just refrained from sending it when the first coursework stuff came in. It was so inspiring. )

They're from Spain, Turkey, Russia, China, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Germany and, naturally, Hungary. I predict they're going to change the world, some of them.

In other news, voting in the opposition candidate pre-elections - sometimes called primaries - has begun.

And since, according to

the renowned, esteemed Hungarian news agency MTI has not reported on the news (I can't think why not? Short of dosh for the journalists' overtime?), I'll put a link in here to the explanation piece I did on the whole caboodle for the Budapest Business Journal.

There you go. Now what about that door? And KT50 and KT51 are still open for entries.

Have a good week! I've still got marking to do.


Photo: I know, I can hear the groans already: What kind of clue is this?

I agree there is not much more here, but .... there is something. I'll post a third photo on Friday - then you'll all groan again, because you'll know the answer. i think.

Happy Sleuthing!


Photo: Meanwhile, maybe 150 metres up the road, and down on the right a bit, there was some building going on. This was early March, 2014

Does this one help?

And I still have to do the draw for KesterTester51 - probably Saturday morning.

UPDATE: Results of KT51 (The Two Arches)

(First, apologies for the long hiatus in new posts - My "Writing Articles" class and managing the students' homework and lesson preparation is draining me of time and energy, plus writing stuff on the Hungarian opposition primaries.)

​First in was Alex Faludy, who took a jab at: Ljubljana? [I have corrected his spelling, so as not to make him look uneducated – ed] You reference to a neglected jewel of a capital city suggests that it is indeed connected with your one true love. Certainly this is not BP, Bratislava’s railway station has nothing so nice in its environs. You would never write such nice things about Croatia. So Lubijan is what one is presumably left with.

I certainly have written nice things about Croatia, Alex! Indeed, in 2008 I was falsely accused on a discussion site of being bribed by the use of freebie hotels of writing a glowing profile of Varazdin. But back to KT51. Nigel Thorpe was sure it was somewhere in Hungary: Have looked at the Kester Tester. I would guess Szeged or maybe Debrecen, Nigel opined. Steve Anthony was in no doubt: Pilsner Urquell brewery in Plzen, Czech Republic. Steve went on, in true “Every Picture Tells a Story [Don't it]?” mode. I got pissed there for nothing in summer of 1989 interrailing, got chatting to one of the workers, they wouldn't let me pay when they found out I'd made a pilgrimage there, specifically to visit the brewery... so I drank an awful lot of Urquell (which tasted better there than anywhere else I had it before or since). I got on train back to Prague but fell asleep... was woken by border guards at the Polish border around midnight and Gypsy ladies with huge bags barging into my compartment... managed to convince them I'd fallen asleep drunk and got train back the other way Happy days cheers ;-) Next in was Tom Chilton: Congrats on a clever KT. I didn't use Google. I used Wikipedia to see what happened in 1842. Hmmmm. John “The Sleuth” Cantwell was also impressed with this Tester: That is a good one. I didn’t use Google but I suppose Wikipedia is allowed?

Hmmm. Bit late now, isn't it? I mean, I've caught two of you at it.

Searching through events from the year 1842, it notes that the first Pilsener Urquell was brewed that year by Joseph Groll, a Bavarian. And indeed the monument is still there at the site of the modern brewery in Plzen. It was now looking like there was no way back from Plzen, especially when Radoslav Klepac messaged in with the same answer. He didn't need to google anything, proudly declaring: As a true Czech beer lover I have visited the brewery several times. Moreover, many restaurants or pubs use this picture for wall decoration. It’s been quite a long time since you visited Brno. Any plans to come back? I must say I like reading your stories/memories of your first encounters with the then communist Czechoslovakia. Brings back memories of the “good old times” in me, too. Look forward to hearing from you soon. We have good news on that front, too. See you later this month, Radoslav! (Maybe I'll tell the story on the blog of how we met when I get time. Radoslav is a colourful character!) Finally, David McCall, clearly managing to cope with fame and success after winning KT50, struck again: KT51 had me wondering, since I recognize it as Plzen (or Pilsen, or however you'd like to spell it), but I would not take this as a town "relatively unfavoured by tourists." But then again, since all the tourists visiting Plzen are likely preoccupied with drinking beer, they may not remember the architecture that well. Anyway, Google didn't help me find any other similar monuments, so I'll go with Plzen, where this celebrates the 50th anniversary of the now world-renowned brewery. I can only retort, David, that when I was there in August, 2008 (I think it was), old town Prague was it's usual teeming, steaming, falling-over self, but the main square in Plzen, bathed in bright sunlight at around 09.00, barely had a human being on it, let alone a tourist. Indeed, these are the entry arches to the Pilsner Urquel Brewery, owned when I was there by SAB Miller (who also owned the Dreher Brewery in Budapest). Both companies, to the best of my knowledge, have since been sold and are now owned by the Asahi Brewery of Japan. I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the Urquel Brewery (and Plzeň itself). I think it's a mere EUR 5 or so, but the history and explanation of how it became so famous is well worth the money. And they still give you some freebie beer - just not the same quantity as delivered to Steve Anthony in 1989 (I suppose communism did have some advantages)! And now ….... the Winner of this week's DRAW! Since the last draw, I found the Official, EU approved, Black Woolly Draw Hat – and misplaced it again :) So the red Zwack Unicum cap was once again called up as a more than adequate substitute and ….. once again, Number 1 came out of the dip! It means none other than Steve Anthony will be incessantly stopped by strangers for selfies and no doubt showered with invitations to appear on TV and Radio and in newspapers around the globe to re-tell the tale of his 1989 adventure! Congratulations Steve, and thanks to everyone for 'having a go' (even those who can't spell Ljubljana) :)

I'll try and post KT53 later today ... but yes, I've got work to do meantime.

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