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Sweet-Toothed Nosztalgia - Ice Cream, Whipped Cream & Chocolate Topping - HUF 6 a Dollop! (Updated)

Updated: May 15, 2021

KesterTester 38 - Those Were the Days (When Dentists Knew their Jobs were for Life :))

Straightforward Tester this week - where and when do you think this piccie was taken?

Your estimations, please (either via a website message or an email) - remember global celebrity status awaits the sleuthiest winner whose number comes out of the EU accredited black woolly hat!

Meanwhile, you have until tomorrow morning to have a stab at last week's KT37 and name the CEE politician. I'll update with the results tomorrow morning in this post.

Otherwise, Have a great weekend!

Update - The Results of KT37

Well, this produced a good response from hard-core and long-time Hungary observers. Some slipped up here and there: David McCall, writing from Oregon, stated: "Even as I suffer from the shakes from my 2nd COVID vaccination shot yesterday, it is crystal clear to me that this is a picture of Boross Lajos, who assumed the position of PM following Jozsef Antall's death. (I think that he was Minister of Interior before that.)"

He was indeed, David, except I think you've got a memory cell slipping out of joint there with Bokros Lajos - but you have been away a long time, so we can almost forgive you that. Anyway, you were number 6, and, it seems, whatever your number is, it never seems to come out of the EU accredited black woolly hat. (Perhaps you do well on the state lottery to make up?).

Steve Anthony was a tad cocky in his entry, even if he did get the name fully correct: "That's easy, Boross Peter of the MDF, briefly prime minister (12 December 1993 – 15 July 1994) after Antall [died] it in late 1993. He was minister of the interior before that, maybe that's when your pic was taken I dunno."

The piccie was taken at the MDF Party Congress in around March 93, Steve - he was PM at the time. You were number 8 - unlucky, sorry!

John Cantwell, one who invariably drills into the Tester pictures with a tooth comb, wrote: "Having half the face covered up would make it a bit difficult, but with that hair – like uh, a snow owl (is there such an animal?). I’ll go with….Boross Péter, MDF, successor to Antal as PM. And indeed still alive at 92."

There is, indeed, a snowy owl (nyectia scandiaca) John, which as my Collins Pocket Guide to Birds indicates, is found mostly in Iceland, northern Scandinavia and, presumably, Russia. (The map doesn't go that far.) Indeed, as Sandor and someone answered he was known as hóbagoly when in power - which does translate literally as 'snow owl'.

So, full marks for your entry (as always), but your number didn't come out of the hat.

There were other correct entries too, but the chosen one was ..... ​

Number 10, Bob Dent, who scribed: "The look of the hair makes me think it is Péter Boross, who was Hungarian Prime Minister from December 1993 to July 1994. He was a member of the MDF (Hungarian Democratic Forum), though I seem to remember that when he became prime minister he wasn’t actually a member of parliament. Is that right?"

Indeed, I checked with one wise, old-time head, Tibor Vidos, who confirmed that he was not an elected MP at the time.

Bob already has global fame for his many books on Hungary, so I suppose he'll be better able to deal with the extra adoration of being a KesterTester Winner than many :)

Congratulations Bob, and to all who entered. Now, what about the piccie above?

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