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The Modern City Cometh: Peasant & Modern Dwellings Abut - Where/What is this scene?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

KesterTester69 - You can almost feel the juggernaut of what was then modernity ready to lay waste all before it in this photo, which is obviously from an age long past. UPDATED

Photo: This piccie was sent in by a regular reader-cum-sleuth, who wanted it to be called a TomTeaser. (No prizes as to why.)

That's all very well, Mr T, but I'm sure the text books say you can't rebrand in dribs and drabs so to speak, it confuses the clients. So (apols), but I'm going to have to decline your suggestion on this occasion. The piccie is a good tester though, thank you!

There's not much more to be said about this one. OK, some expert will probably write into say "those are not peasant homes in the foreground...." - I've probably used a little architerctural licence there. But you've just got to get it. Would be good to get a shot today from the same point today, if it hasn't been built on.

Answers please via the site messaging system or an email. (Please put KT69 in the message so I can locate your missive easily and avoid missing your brilliant detective work.)

I've also added some clues to the previous tester to help those who haven't yet quite got it. I'll post the results and answers to that one on Monday.

It's been raining here in Budapest overnight, which is a bit of a dampner for some - but since one of my agricultural friends told me last month that in January and February the country has enjoyed just 10% of the average precipitation (and I suspect March was equally short), I'm sure there are farmers dancing in the meadows this morning.

Anyway, have a great weekend!

UPDATE - The Results!

​KT69's fading silver halide produced a quick flurry of entries, and even piccies from the same spot (more or less) from readers eager to display their sleuthing ablities. Most were in the correct ball park – although Alan Sutton felt it might be in Dunapentele, the predecessor of Sztálinváros/Dunaújváros. I agree that that city has some interesting, Soviet-like architecture, Alan, but this one is from an earlier period, and much closer to home.

Alex Faludy was first in, somewhat derisively stating: “Not bothering to click through as I don’t with Kester Testers on principle. However I can confidently say it is BP District XIII looking towards Buda -either Radnóti Miklós or one of the streets either side of it.”

(Honestly, the things I put up with, just to bring others fame and glory!)

Richard Lock was more specific: “… looking down Katona József toward the Danube in XIII ker?”

Bénédicte Williams, was yet more specific: “KT/TT69: that's the Pozsonyi út/Katona József utca intersection, looking towards Buda. Wikipedia tells me the Palatinus-házak (on the left) were built in 1911. So, after 1911.”

Annabel Barber, of Blueguides, also homed in on the imposing block. “Amazing photo! It looks like the Palatinus házak at Jászai Mari tér, built in the 1920s. Castle Hill in the background?

Annabel then wrote in with a photo and a little correction to the background (from memory) – but alas, Annabel – I seem to have deleted that email by accident. Sorry! (Unless your photo is the one I thought was Klemens' – see below. )

Peter Karlsson also went for XIII. “My guess is that this picture was taken on what is now Katona József utca, perhaps where it crosses Tátra utca,” and then added: “Yes, I checked (cheated?) on Google Street View just to see that I remembered it correctly, but I honestly did find the right spot at once.”

We'll believe you Peter – Swedish folk don't lie, do they?

And finally, Klemens Wersonig wrote in with his piccie. “Here you are…from today´s morning walk. I recognized it immediately from the old picture and walked there now to take this picture.”

The Palatinus Házak today - from a wee bit closer than the original piccie in the Tester. Photo by Annabel Barber or Klemens Wersonig - apologies for not knowing who exactly!

And finally - the draw, with six numbers going into the EU-approved Black Woolly hat. (Yes, I even included Alex Faludy in there, despite the scathing comments.) And after much shaking and formality, the winner was ... Number 3, that is none other than Bénédicte Williams, who is still celebrating her victory in KT68! I'm not sure how she will cope with the adulation.

I don't think anyone previously has won two consecutive Testers - maybe she has some magical control over the Black Woolly hat.

Anyway, congratulations to Bénédicte and all who 'had a go' - and to Tom who provided the original piccie - not to forget that KT70 is still open for entries and the chance for global celebrity status!

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