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The Party Train with a Political Message - KesterTester74 (Extra Clue Added)

Updated: 3 days ago

Linking two cities in the CEE-SEE region, viewed from Madrid, Paris & London this train appears to be just 'fun' - but it means something more to the people who actually ride it.

Photo: It seems you can dance the night away and have fun in this train, which runs from where to where, exactly? (Please note: I'm not sure if it's always this much fun.)

A different kind of Tester this week - these aren't my photos nor those of any readers for a start. Just what is this train? And how is it 'political'? (And, so I'm told, it's quite controversial back home.)

It may seem impossible to answer from this one pic, but I'll give more clues through the next week. OK, as I'm a softie, here's one for starters - it's linked to a competition, though one I wouldn't normally take any interest in. (It has nothing like the global prestige of the KesterTester, for example, and the winners don't have the opportunity of buying me two beers - but I suppose it takes all sorts.)

Answers via the site messaging system or an email - please put in KT74 somewhere in the message so I don't miss your entry in the deluge :)

I'll post the answer to KT72 (Small Town Scene) on Sunday or Monday, so there is still time to enter both that and KT73 to boot.

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE1 - Another clue!

Photo: Here's one station on the journey (And our hero seems to need to tell somone) :)

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