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The Train that doesn't Go Very Far (at least in recent years) - But Where is it? (Clues added)

Updated: Jun 14

KesterTester77 - By coincidence, following on from the news post about the landslide that has severed services via the normal route between Budapest, Bratislava and Prague - here's another about a train that's not about to move any time soon.

Photo: This engine rather looks as if it might have been built for a wild-west film set, though I'm sure it is, or was, a genuine, working locomotive back in its day. But where?

I came across this forlorn looking locomotive and short train in 2009, driving down the main street of its host town. My guess is that it had been on this spot for at least 20 (and probably a few more) years, and was already in desperate need of some TLC.

Now you may think that - unless you are a train freak - you will not be able to sleuth the answer to this one - but I will give more clues on Tuesday if, as I assume, this Tester really will test most readers. (Honestly, it would test me if I didn't know the answer.)

Well, ok, as I'm a softee - he's an extra clue right away. It may have been here for 20 years or more, but in truth, it's a wonder it even survived through those years in one piece, as, more or less, it has done.

OK, over to you. Please use the site messaging system or an email to let me know your guess, and kindly write KT77 in your answer - so I don't miss it. (The EU Competition Office is impossibly strict about this, and could take my licence away if I make a mistake.)

Oh, and you can still enter KT76 for a day or two more - please don't leave the semi-nude gardener unattended, she may feel she is losing her youthful beauty and start getting depressed.

I trust you are having a good weekend.


Hmmmm. This is far more difficult than I first imagined - I mean to help supper sleuthers without giving it away entirely.

Here's a starter - the engine shown was built in Floridsdorf, a former industrial suburb of Vienna.

And as in many places during the 19th century, the railway was important factor in the development of the town, except here it had both positive and damaging effects - yes, it brought far better communications and commercial possibilities, but then a spark from one of the locomotives - presumably not the one shown here - caused a fire which devastated the town.

In truth, my first idea for a clue was to point to the mountains in the background of this piccie. I'm not sure if the one illustrated is the larger (and more famous) of the two just to the north of the town, but it is renowned- at least locally - for its cheese.

It is also a tourist attraction and ski centre, although when I was there, it had only just started recovering from the region's last internecine conflict. (Well, it was internecine to outsiders - the locals probably didn't consider it thus.)

But here's some good news - the locomotive looks much more loved today - having been restored, at least cosmetically, for some cultural commemorations in 2015 celebrating the 100th year of the arrival in the town of a local poet. (He'd been in prison, and was subject to house arrest. Obviously, I can't give his name.)

I think that's a nice package of clues. Let's see if they act as an effective catalyst to generate some responses :)

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