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This is a Seemingly Happy Fellow - But Where Might he Be? (Bonus if you can say who he is!)

Updated: 2 days ago

KesterTester78 - Updated with extra clues

Photo: This chappie, despite apparently being stuck in a housing estate, doesn't care.

First, apologies for a lack of posts this week, I've had time-consuming computer problems, although there has been an update to KT77, in case you haven't noticed.

I think this jolly fellow, along with his location, are both rather neglected by many in his home city, considering the importance of this place in the development of the business he's concerned with - maybe not with the locals, but certainly by the foreign ex-patriate population.

So, where might you see him?

I'll try to post more clues next week (I think they'll be needed), but if you think you've got it, please send an email or use the site messaging system, and put KT78 in the message, please.

I'll try to post the winners of KT75 over the weekend, but I'm travelling, so I might not make it in this heat. Apologies in advance.

Have a good weekend!

ADDITIONAL CLUES: This statue is associated with an energetic, rather innovative Hungarian who resided in France for a number of years before returning to Hungary to ply his trade. Sadly, he died of appendicitis in a country neighbouring France.

Whatever, he founded a thriving business for the last 25 years of his life, a business which still bears his name today - a name which almost every Magyar and a good few ex-patriates would recognise.

This is despite the ravages of wars (it's premises were suffered bomb damage in WW2, albeit almost certainly unintended), then pillaging by Soviet soldiers followed by nationalistation.

The figure represented by the statue is supposed (at least according to legend) to have visited India to ply his trade.

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