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What is this and - more difficult - Where was it? - KesterTester 23

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

This coat of arms, probably the last of its kind on a public building in Hungary, was removed in about 1995. But it wasn't easy to spot, which is one reason it survived so long.

I've had very few suggestions for the anwer to KesterTester 22 is, so I'll wait one more day before I post the truth here.

Meanwhile, you can sleuth your way to the above photo. And because my heart is so soft, I'll give you a great clue - it was in Budapest, so that's narrowed it down for you. :)

But I need to know what it is precisely, if you see what I mean. Not just generally.

UPDATE, Saturday: KT22, Lenin and the Snow Cleaning Comrade Ladies Brigade - I started writing the answers and back story to this photo, but I've decided it would be better to formulate this in a separate post. I'll put it up with some photos in the next hour or so.

Oh yes, and the winner!

Have a good weekend.

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