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Words (Between the Lines of Age) - Updated with results of KT58

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

KesterTester59 - An old man, by an old wall, shuffles along in the shade, picked out by a shaft of summer sunshine - It's Budapest, but where? Pic from 1992, if I remember well.

If Neil Young reads this (pretty unlikely, I admit), I hope he doesn't mind me plagiarsing his song title. But I couldn't think of anything more appropriate, given the wall plaques, the lines of light and the general decay.

I should be writing right now, we are past deadlines with two stories to complete, but I just had to take a break, and turned to the blog, which I've had to ignore for a week.

I suspect this is a pretty tough Tester - but if you'd like a punt and can take the global fame thrust upon all winners - send along your answer via the message system or an email.

As for KT59 (the Japanese tourists and church) I'll aim to put the numbers into the EU-approved, black woolly hat (yes, I've found it again - in my backpact pocket) and post the results here over the weekend, assuming I can finish the stories by then.

Oh, and if you don't know the Neil Young song, here's a link to an original version on the Harvest album, of 1972. (It's the last track, meaning it's often forgotten, including by me.)

It has nothing really to do with the image of Budapest though :) Have a good weekend!

UPDATE: Results of KT58, The Japanese tourists and the church that took five centuries to build – With apologies for long delay Well, this church seemed to hit a chord with a decent number of folks. “An easy one for a change,” wrote first-to-answer Hubert “Poirot” Warsmann within minutes of publication. “The Sagrada Familia of Bohemia aka Chrám svaté Barbory in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. As we all know St Barbory/Barbara is the patron of miners. Supposedly the original plans were for a church twice the size but silver ran out.” Zsolt Maroti and David Thompson both soon followed. “I went there with my parents about 25 years ago. A wonderful piece of architecture,” commented David. “It's obviously Kutna Hora,” wrote Bill from the Forest of Dean, only to add: “Isn't it? So rare that I recognise one! Bill.” (Thank you to Bill, by the way, for helping significantly to sponsor this blog in its second year.) “I would recognise those buttresses anywhere. I haven't been there for ages. It would be good to go back,” wrote Tom Chilton. (Well, the trains are pretty regular, but you have to change at Brno, I think. The main line to Prague doesn't go that way, Mr C.) “Drága Kester, That would be the Cathedral of St. Barbara (patron saint of miners) in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic,” John Cantwell chimed in, adding “Thank you Mssrs. Page and Brin for their efforts in making such cultural information available with a few mouse clicks.” (You've got me there, John. Are they the authors of google maps or what?) “You went to kutna hora to write about wine“ commented Tomáš Ruzicka. Ah, well, that wine must have been good, because I'd forgotten that, Tomáš. (Who kindly interpreted for me and put me up to boot!)

It must have been this fellow, right Tomáš ? Please let me know his name, I've lost those notes by now, and tell him he's on the blog!

(Jolly nice red, as I remember, if you go into Kutna Hora. Unfortunately I didn't have enough space to get him into the article. You can read that if you google: "Czech Viticulture: Palava creates a stir in winemaking circles" ) But back to the KesterTester. “Easy this week! Sv Barbora in Kutna Hora :-)” scribbled Erik Werkman, now of Prague (and assuming everyone knows where Kutna Hora is as a result). And all the way from near Ormož, Prlekija, Slovenia, Ian Wraight nailed it too: “Sv Babs, Kutna Hora” he said, also forgetting to even mention the country. (Well, it's all in the Slavic pot, I suppose.) Frank Hegedus tentatively ventured: “Kutná Hora in Czechia...?” before finally, Hannah Sugichi commented: “The picture is beautiful,” [thank you Hannah],

“I don’t know the place but thanks to technology and google. Now, I know where it is. It’s Saint Barbara's Church in Kutná Hora.”

So, 11 contestants, all told, vying for the rights to win global celebrity status this week. And who's lucky number came out of the hat? Drum roll, please … for number 7, …. Erik Werkman! That'll be two pints of Pilsner Urquell please, Erik, next time I'm in Prague. That is, if you are not in Hawaii on some film shoot or other after your new glamourous career takes off, having won KT58. :) Something tells me you'll have a job getting the piccie above though (but then, Budapest is not your hot subject, I'd guess.) Congratulations to Erik and thanks to everyone who entered. Now, what about the elderly gentleman in that plaque-filled wall up top?

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