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A Laurel-Leafed, Winged, Bare-Breasted Beauty in Budapest - But Where?

KesterTester 24 - She's out there somewhere; it's your job to locate her!

I think the proud lady will not pose much of a problem as far as the location is concerned, but I'd love to know who she is supposed to represent, because I don't know myself. Some sleuth reader may well do that, for which they will earn extra Brownie points!

And here's the answer to last week's KT23, a KesterTester that I half won, at last! Rather than me write out an explanation, allow me to use a portion of the Best of Budapest page in Budapest Week that I first introduced on January 14th, because it says it all, really. (With special thanks to Margarette Mosley for the delightful drawing - alas, I never got to thank her in real life.)

Of course, it was a long time ago. A few readers clearly didn't realise there were two designs, and thought it might be on the Chain Bridge. Only one person, Tom Chilton, noted that this was the earlier state symbol.

Well done Mr Chilton! But that's just one beer he is free to buy me, because even he didn't know where it was. Somewhat sadly for relic freaks like myself, the coat of arms was eradicated when the Vígszínház (Gaiety Theatre) was renovated, with support from Postabank (remember them?) about three years after this story was published.

Last time I looked, it was just a big, boring, plain surface in the middle of the other embellishments - a rather strange, unnatural combination, I have to say.

Have a good weekend. Oh, and I've just posted the answer to the "Girl with Broom in Workshop Doorway" in the same post.

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