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A pharmacy that has seen better times - KesterTester107

Updated: Nov 18

A glimpse of a 'chemist's' as we Brits used to call a shop for medicines (maybe we still do) that now looks somewhat rundown.

Photo: For those with even a mere smattering of the vernacular, this is obviously in Hungary (or possibly a country formerly within the Hungarian Kingdom). But where?

And what is the V-shaped slot (OK, it's a kind of V on its side) that frames this scene? (I need that answer too for the jackpot prize of buying me two beers!)

I know I haven't given the answer to KT106 yet (that's the beer bottles one - so it's still open for answers, and I've made it pretty darned easy), but tempus fugit and all that, so here's another to get you sleuthing.

If you think you've nailed the answer, please write in via the website's messaging system on in an email, not forgetting to quote KT107 so the Competition Committee don't over look your entry.

Remember, global celebrity status and selfie requests for life await the lucky winner

I'll aim to sort out KT106 pronto next week. Meanwhile, have a great weekend.

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