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Bridges, Chimneys, Water and Trees

KesterTester15 - Where in Central-Eastern or South-Eastern Europe is this Scene?

I have really struggled to decide what to post this evening for this weekend's KesterTester. I had another piccie lined up, but I suspect, especially after KT14, it would have made some throw their hands in the air and declare: "This is impossible! This guy's impossible! I give up!" So I posted this instead, which I think will prove too easy. But I've been wrong before, so let's see who can identify the above scene, taken, IIRC, in 1995. (If you live in this country, it's really so easy that you can't win with this entry, I'm afraid. I mean, it's hardly a challenge.)

Meanwhile, last week's was a toughie. David McCall and Tom Chilton (hope I've not forgotten anyone) wrote in to say they knew of an Izsáki Borozó on Fehérvári út, in district XI - which I'd happened to notice myself earlier this year - but of course, this is not the same thing in the photo - it's the Izsáki MGTSz (cooperative) wine bar, and I suspect it had closed by the time this pic was taken. (Izsák, by the way, is a small town about 90 km south of Budapest, which I don't think is famous for its wines.)

BTW, how many noticed that the car was a "real" Trabbie (if you know what I mean)?

To my utter amazement, Detective Hubert "Poirot" Warsmann once again came up with the answer. It is Vas utca - between Astoria and Blaha Lujza tér - much in the news of late as the scene of protests by students and staff of the University of Film and Theatrical Arts. Detective Warsmann denied any knowledge of Kriszta, but said he used to work nearby, so wandered many an hour in the local streets.

OK, I've thought of an intriguing one for KT16, next weekend's Tester - now I've just got to find the piccie and photograph it. Have a good weekend everyone!

Update: I do have to apologise to fans of the Tales of a Teenage Spy - I did hope to complete Chap 41 this week, but the site control system failed from Monday lunchtime to - effectively - Wednesday morning, and I spent so much time trying to get answers about that I didn't have enough later to do this. I shall try to make amends next week, once I've got two important stories out of the way.

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