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GuesterTester102 - Spires and Arches, a typical central - south-eastern European town square corner

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

But where? UPDATED with the Winner!

Photo: the elegant outline of a magnificent Cathedral dominates the scene from the corner of a town square somewhere in east-central/south-east Europe.

This is not the tester pic that I was looking for, but in the search I came upon this scene, which was sent in by a reader last December, and I thought: Why not?

So where is it? The chance to win global celebrity status awaits, not to mention the change to buy me two beers!

Your answers, please, via email or the site messaging system - and have a great weekend!

UPDATE: The Results!

Apologies for the long wait for results of KT102, but work seems to take longer and longer. But here we go! First in, very soon after posting, was 'lightning' Bill Parker, who succinctly (and surely rhetorically) wrote from the banks of the River Severn: It's Brno, isn't it?” In case you don't know where Brno is, David Thompson, also quick to answer, kindly gave a fuller response. Hi Kester, On the left is the famous Kapucincska Hrobka (Capuchin Crypt) and it is the Peter & Paul Cathedral in the middle distance. Both in Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic. David” Hmm, that's two for the same city, but Misi Hollós had other ideas. Hello Kester, My guess is that the pic was taken in Bratislava. Hope all is well with you. Best, Misi” Albyn Austin thinks I'm going soft. Kester, I'm afraid this one is easy peasy. A quick google of Kapucinska Hrobka came up with the Capuchin Monastery (famous for its crypt with the remains of 120 mummified friars) in Brno, Czech Republic. You can see part of the sign to the crypt on the left of the photo. Got one for once I think. Hope all well with you and yours. I will buy you a couple of beers anyway when you next visit South Wales.” Well, you don't have to use google, Albyn. But thanks for the offer of beers – I'll be there next week :) Hubert “Poirot” Warsmann wasn't going to miss out on this one. This is the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in Brno, Czech Republic. In the foreground, you have the Capucin Crypt. Unlike the Vienna one, which hosts the Habsburg family, this one is the resting place of Capucin monks. As the bodies were placed on the floor of the crypt without the luxury of a coffin and due to conditions inside the crypt, bodies were mummified. A haunting visit.” Well, I didn't know that Hubert - if it's true it's Brno, that is. Tom Chilton had a fling with the emails. I am that reader [who contributed the photo]. Am I siqualified? (sic) And more important, do I get the beers?” I know I'm great company and worth the beers, Tom, but I think that would be a wee bit unethical – I mean you send me the pics and I put you in the draw. Peter Karlsson, with a dash of Swedish efficiency, piled into the mix. Brno. Kapucínske naměstí.” All to be swiftly followed by Chris Dalton. Brno! (too easy to search for the café…)” Is that with the exclamation, Chris? I thought Westward Ho! Was the only place name with one such. Graham Turner was not to be denied: Kester, Unless I am very much mistaken, I have been in that cafe - in Brno, a very nice and (relatively) unspoilt city. I also recognise the cathedral. G” Hmmmm, yes, maybe this is a bit easy-peasy, Albyn. Imre Kőrizs is also a well-travelled man. Hi, Kester, is it Brno? Some months ago we spent some days there, and the cathedral seems familiar, although I didn't see it from this spot. Imre” Frank Hegedus had some energy left after taking his Sunday service Dunno... Brno in Czechia...? Frank” Hmmm. Something tells me you do know, Frank! Helena Továrková didn't need to think too hard over this one. OH sweet! Brno! Greetings from Hostětín, we have an educational programme here this weekend focused on climate activism. How u doing? Regards, H” (For an explanation for that reference to Hostětín – please see the “Apples, Apples” post from last September ) Oh dear, something tells me I'm not going to win this tester. Super sleuth John Cantwell swooped in. “Hi Kester, That is Kapucinske namesti in Brno, with the Capucin crypt on the left and Peter and Paul Cathedral in the distance. Thanks, John” Tamás Simonyi next dropped by. This is Brno, Kester, isn’t it? Cheers. Tamás”

You're supposed to be telling me, Tamás! This is getting to be something of a Tsunami. Ian Wraight was working in cryptologist mode. Hi I believe that a century ago this city is forever conjoined with a north London borough in the co-creation of a lethal product. Clue: "don't tell him Pike" - Pike was always struggling with it love, IW Answer: Ian later corrected his assertion. I must correct my silly self - it was not a Bren but a Lewis - that made appearances in Dad's army - and not pte Pike but Frazer !”

Well, this is not a Dad's Army Tester, Ian, so we can forgive you. Yet there were more. Zsolt Maroti was most terse. Brno and Alan Sutton also scolded me. Dear Kester Brno. You've got to make them more difficult than that.” Wow! I make that Brno 15, Bratislava 1, Budapest and the World 0. It is indeed, the capital of Moravia, a city that I found staggeringly impressive when there in 2014 for the FT. (I actually wanted to write about Plzeň personally, but decided to follow my professional judgement rather than my emotions and chose Brno. Afterwards, I must confess I made the right decision.) If you google "Brno builds on its industrial heritage in bid to make itself a hub for research" you should be able to read that story. I must confess, however, that I missed out on the Capucin/Capuchin Crypt. Anyway, I know you have read this far for the sole purpose of discovering who is the latest lucky person to fast track to world celebrity status (and the right to buy me two beers). There were 15 correct entries and the winner is ….. drum roll please …. Number 5, none other than the start of Stockholm … Peter Karlsson! Congratulations Peter, I dare say the crowds of fans are already gathering at your garden gate! And I'm sure I'll like Swedish beer :) Thanks to everyone who took part for the fun.

I promise to make KesterTester103 a tougher ask. In fact, I know which image I want to use, but I can't find it in my various storage spaces. But I will find it, promise. Have a good week!

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