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Hungary: Girl in a Phone Booth (1992) - KesterTester53 (Updated with extra clue, KT52 Result)

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

She's now in her late 40s or just 50, probably. But no, you don't have to guess her name (though if she sees this pic, that would be fun, I expect - I just needed pictures of people on the phone). You don't even have to name the location, but you may still have a stab.

Photo (and question): The phone box-apparatus was introduced into Hungary, as I remember, in 1991 - exactly 30 years ago. And they are still in use today. Where were they made, and why was this design chosen?

Dear alls, sincere apologies for the long gap in posts. I'm afraid teaching just once a week at a local university is taking up inordinate amounts of time and adding grey hairs by the hour. As my friend Michael over there in Dublin would say, it's like herding cats. Plus, of course, covering the opposition primaries and stuff ..... the time just flies.

Anyway, here's a KesterTester to be getting on with. Answers please via the website messaging system or an email.

Oh, and the answer and winner to KT51 (The Twin Arches) has been posted in an update to KT52 (The Provincial Door). If I can get the time, I'll do the draw for KT 52 this week, but I've got one class to teach and two deadlines to meet by Tuesday evening.

Now, time for some hard-core sleuthing on this one, I suspect. Have a good week!

UPDATE: I accept this is proving tough. As usual, how to give you a clue without giving it away?

OK, Here is one. These phones come from a country with which Hungary did not have full diplomatic relations when they were purchased. This country established some sort of representative office here in late 1990 or early 1991. I think the head of the representation only became an ambassador in 1992.

In fact, this first ambassador told me a story of how he was here in the autmumn of 1990 in preliminary negotiations on establishing this office when the "taxi blockade" broke out. This brought roads in Budapest and much of Hungary to a standstill in late October that year. He had to be helicoptered out of Budapest on the Saturday in order to get to Vienna (I think it was) to get back to his own country.

And here's another clue: I was told that the marble around the steps of the Kempinski Hotel in Budapest came from this country too.

UPDATE - Results of KT52 - Somewhere in Provincial Hungary - a Door.

Well, the third photo finally helped a handful of you to sleuth out the answer.

And obviously, KesterTesters are like London buses - you wait for ages, and then two come along at once. :)

David McCall was first on the scent: Now you've brought back memories of the Mediterran Kavehaz in Felcsut -- and not all those memories are good.

But the only place in that town that served a descent espresso.

Master detectives John Cantwell and Tom Chilton also swooped in quickly.

Cantwell ur: Well yes, that does give it away. Although I’m not sure why. I don’t actually know what the Pancho Arena looks like. I suppose it’s the combination of the clues. The first one makes you think, well, where in the countryside would they be particulary media-phobic? The second clue didn’t do much for me, but the third – again not sure why, made me think, ah yes, that’s probably something in Orbanville.

I can’t name the specific building with the door. The mayor’s office appears to be an older house.

Mr Chilton said: ..... I can't find his email, but he got the location, 'cos I've written it down.

Finally, new entrant Ida Baumgartner, via hub Michael, kicked in with: Well, Ida’s best guess is: Felcsút municipality building.... take care

Ida only had to get the location, Michael, not the actual building.

Yes, indeed, the first to photos were of the Cafe Mediteranee, which had a "no mircrophones" on its door because the owner did not want any fall out from journalists' interviews done with locals on his premises.

So, the draw took place 40 minutes ago. I was secretly hoping Ida, as the new girl on the block, would win it. And I certainly did not want number 1 to come out of the Zwack Unicum cap. In fact, even as my thumb and forefinger clasped the paper slip, I said to myself, please, not number 1 - AGAIN. Three times on the bounce!

And of course, you've guessed it, it was ... number 1.

As a result, I suspect Tillamook mayor David McCall, who is already finding it difficult to get to his office as a result of his new fans resulting from his earlier KesterTester win, will now be confined to his home for months as it is besieged by adorers seeking to share in his now super-fame status.

So that's the latest from Perspectives Budapest. I've been in a "Climate Summit" most of the day - since 2010 we no longer have "conferences" in Hungary - every meeting with more than 20 attendees has to be deemed a "Summit" - and every new office can no longer be called thus - it has to be a "palota" - a palace.

What nonsense! I've decided to call this "Drivel Branding" to try to stop it.

I'm also very tired. Sorry Ida, better luck next time. And I've got student marking to do.

But congratulations to David McCall once again and Good night!

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