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Japanese Tourists & A Church that Took More than Five Centuries to Build - What and Where?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

KesterTester58 - It all depended on the price of silver - and few wars over the centuries. Updated with results of KesterTester57 - the Mystery Entrepreneur.

Photo: A Sunday afternoon scene in this Central-East European town - I'm not actually sure why I went there in the first place, but I was glad I did - I met someone here who turned out to be a good friend. (But not among the tourists!) Piccie from May, 2011.

I suppose you know this place immediately - or you don't? There's not so much as a beer brand to help you on this one. But you can sleuth away, whatever. Your guesses please - via the site's messaging system or an email.

And I'll post the results of last week's entrepreneur here over the weekend - so you still have a chance of winning the highly valued prize for KesterTester57 :)

Have a safe weekend - I'm afraid news on the Covid front is grim from Hungary - 11,289 new infections reported this morning, which from my records just beats the worst day previously, 11,265 on 26th March.

UPDATE Results of KT57 - Entrepreneur Central-Eastern Europe - You May Use His Software - But Who and What?

Well, this Tester produced some interesting entries.

First off the block was Frank Hegedus, who wrote in, admitting it was a wild guess:

"Kedves Kester... Does it have anything to do with the development of some sort of filament and netting to capture moisture out of the air...even in places like the Atacama Desert...? Frank"

Well, I don't think so, Frank. The person in question will surely read this, but I don't think I can put your name into the Black Woolly hat with that try. (I will award a consolation prize of just one beer you may buy me if I'm wrong.)

Gergo Lencses threw in his pennyworth with "Gábor Bojár?"

Steven Nelson also thought of the founder of Graphisoft - but then decided he didn't look anything like him after all, and was left flummoxed (I suppose.)

"Oooh, I was going to say Gábor Bojár, but that is DEFINITELY not him! No clue who it could be, but I'm guessing he's not Hungarian."

Stev added: "Hey I also wanted to tell you that I (perhaps unwisely) restarted my website on Hungarian politics and am adding tons of content every day. Thoughts on it?? Any feedback for me?? (yes I must be a weirdo and/or insane)."

There are a few of us about, fortunately Steve. It certainly helps pass the time. I think you are right, by the way - he doesn't look anything like Mr Bajor, because it ain't him :)

I also received some semi-correct answers - which caused the Competition Committee sleepless nights before the draw - should these be valid?

Both Mark Bownas and Marius Lazurca proffered: "The Founder of Prezi."

Well, the man has a name, but the thing is, there were three founders of this astonishing company - namely Peter Arvai, Péter Halácsy, and Ádám Somlai-Fischer.

The Competition Committee were saved from making an agonising decision (which might, of course, resulted in an expensive court case, given the international brand value of today's KesterTester award), but it so happened that neither of their respective numbers came out of the hat, so it didn't matter. Phew!

What is true is that Ádám was the originator of the software - however crude the prototype may have been (and that his own admission).

First in was David Thompson - "Ádám Somlai-Fischer (Prezi), I think," who was followed by Tom "The Hustler" Chilton, who modestly wrote: "Get my name in that black hat pronto, buster! His name is Ádám Somlai-Fischer, and the company is Prezi."

Bénédicte Williams, not content with winning KT56, and clearly basking in her newly found celebrity status, chimed in with: "Ádám Somlai-Fischer's Prezi? I still have my COP21 Prezis from 2014-2015, it was a fun tool to learn to work with!"

But the lucky winner this week was not number 1 for once (sorry, David), but the last man in, super sleuth John Cantwell.


I see I missed KT57 when it was first posted but I’ve now seen the update. The correct answer is surely: Somlai-Fischer Ádám, co-founder of Prezi."

Well, I suppose that is about as accurate an answer as you can get, and so is worthy of this week's much coveted award.

Incidentally, I wrote that people use Prezi from "Chile to Japan", which is true, but Ádám told me in one interview that the modest Japanese were quite slow to take up the software - in contrast to the Koreans, who are far more brash about themselves and their success.

Here's the Prezi website

(They are not far from Nyugati station.)

And if you google: "Prezi, the best thing since the Biro" - you should get a story I did for FT Beyond Brics a few years back at some celebratory shindig.

Here's another piccie of Ádám before we go - in the original photo for KT57 he was standing behind the artwork to the left in this photo.

Congratulations to all who entered and especially to John Cantwell. Now what about that church up above?

2 - Tom - Hi KJ,

Get my name in that black hat pronto, buster!

His name is Adam Somlai-Fischer, and the company is Prezi.

Initially I thought the company was Graphisoft because you mentioned that the founder studied architecture.

1 - David Thompson <> Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 at 19:06 Subject: Fwd: New post in PerspectivesBudapest To: Kester Eddy <>

Hi Kester,


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