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KesterTester11 - Where in CEE/SEE is this?

A Quiet Country Town - But where is it? Might be Hungary, might be a neighbour.

Photo taken in 1993, if I remember correctly.

I had the good fortune to come across a file of piccies that were returned to me by the long defunct editorial office of Business Central Europe, which once published out of Vienna. It's got a few that I'd completely forgotten about, and which have never been published. Some of these I shall share with you to tantalisingly test your knowledge of the region - heh heh heh!

And the winner of KesterTester10 - The knight stands guard at what is now the headquarters of MKB Bank, 1056 Budapest, Váci u.38. Historically, this grandiose building was the Tiszti Kaszinó - the Officers Casino - although some might argue if the officers had spent more time training for battle instead of playing cards, Hungary's military history might have been a bit more glorious.

The building's ownership history is "interesting" in the early 1990s, passing into the hands of certain political parties, one of which governs today.

You can see the knight from the Erzsébet híd - Elizabeth Bridge - if you are so minded.

And, the winner is ..... drum roll please ... Sándor Németh, who, for the second consecutive week has gained world fame for his diligence and knowledge - although this is only by the good grace the competition council, since he originally said it was "near Ferenciek tere - I mean, how sloppy can you get?

Mr Németh must now save like mad to fulfil his winner's duties, ie buying the competition council member two more beers.

Runners up were the ever diligent duo of Thomas Chilton and Hubert Warsmann.

OK, now identify the piccie above, please, and have a good, safe week.

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