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KesterTester13 - This is in CEE-SEE - But Where?

Dark skies cast a sombre mood over near-still water and weeping willow - it's not a million miles from Budapest, but where is it?

I really don't know why I do this. Every week, I have a couple of stonking difficult - but perfectly legitimate KesterTesters at the ready - and every week I go soft and put up something 'easy-peasy' as Tom Chilton would say (although last week's KT12 shut him up - he he he).

So, this piccie is from 1995, September, as I remember. Over to you - but for folks from this place, well, it really is too easy, so you should just feel ineligible to enter.

As for KT12 - to my astonishment, there was only one correct entry. C'mmon, folks - this is sloppy of you! It's more or less visible from Margit híd. Anyway, newcomer Mónika Varga hits the jackpot, gains global fame (I can provide advice on how to cope, Mónika :) ) and the right to buy me two beers by announcing that it's the Lukács Fürdő , ie the Lukács Baths, which is on Frankel Leó út, on the right hand side of Margit Bridge, Buda side.

Mónika said these baths are "really important" in her family’s life beause this is the place where one grandma and grandpa worked, got to know each other, and, well started on the route to being grandfolk, and even greatgrandfolk now :)

This is going up early today as I've got to go out. And I need to do a new Chapter on our Favourite Spy in the next couple of days.

Alas, we have record numbers of Covid victims reported again today, so I hope everyone has a good, safe weekend.

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