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New Year, New sculpture, New Offices - KesterTester108 (Updated)

Updated: Feb 7

A glimpse of a nice looking environment created in the not too distant past - but where?

Photo: A modern looking project here, yet (and I've only just spotted this) there appears to be a very 20th century - or even earlier - industrial chimney (smokestack to our American friends) in one part of this scene.

Welcome to 2024! Another year, another tester!

And time for a look back at the past year. By my count, we've had 45 posts all told, and according to the statistics page, in the past 365 days (so not quite the calendar year 2023) there have been 6,459 sessions and 3,025 unique visitors.

The most popular post was the GP from Gene and Marilyn, speaking about their experiences bringing aid to Ukraine back in February. Well done G&M, 465 page visits!

The second most popular was KesterTester91, Julius Meinl's Flagship Shop, published on New Year's Day, and now with 348 visits.

What is fascinating about this is that it has been getting hits every week, and is still getting them, and from all over the world. Quite why, I don't know.

The third most popular was Hungarian Soldier, British Bomber, the sad story of the RAF Halifax shot down over southern Hungary in 1944 on a run to parachute four agents into Hungary with the task of establishing a resistance movement, all, sadly for zero result. This has garnered 311 visits.

KesterTester100, Jozsi takes a ciggy break, came fourth, attracting a 266 hits (well done Jozsi, especially as it's not even you :)) and just behind him came Helen Womack's moving guest post on Russia, post-February 24, 2022, with 258 views.

As for origins of readers, a total of 2,995 sessions originated in Hungary, 46% of the total, with 2,370 of those (37%) of the total reading from Budapest. Just under 1,200 readers were based in the UK, 17% of the total, with 2017 based in London (3% of the total). 735 readers were based in the United States (11% of the total), led by 99 readers in California.

Slovenia, rather boosted by the recent Encountering Vlado post, was the source of 141 sessions (2% of the total).

But perhaps the most intriguing trend in the past three months is the growth in Russian-based readers. Until September this year, I'd say the site had a mere two-three sessions from Russia per year. The numbers are still not that big, with 46 this year, but 33 of those have been since October 9th.

Apart from the numbers, these Russian readers make some strange hits. This past week, they've been reading the post quoting Gabor Bojar from March, 2022. Quite why people from St Petersburg and Belgorod finds a pre-election post citing this Hungarian physicist-entrepreneur of interest, I'm not sure – but welcome in any case.

Whatever, thanks for all your support, including the one visitor from Papua New Guinea, likes, comments and Guest Posters.

Now you can focus on KesterTester108, please answer via the site message system or in an email, putting KT108 in the title so I don't lose your entry.

This one might prove quite difficult, but if so, I'll add a new clue next week.

Happy New Year! (and Happy Birthday to blog subscriber Mr Németh.)

UPDATE & Most blessed WINNER

I know, I know, I'm getting forever later with these KesterTester results! My apologies, I just don't seem to get round to sorting out all the entries quickly enough these days.

Anyway, here we go with the entrants for KT108.

First in was Les Szabo, writing from fox country – Leicester, in the east Midlands of England. 

hi the sicence park on the side of the mamut - nice place but lasted 10-15 years - fantastic restaurant - good old traditional office/school grub.

Sorry about sunderland. Les”

And before we knew it, Misi Hollós followed that with:

Hello Kester,

A very happy new year to you!”

Gosh, was it that long ago, Misi?

As for the latest Kester Tester (no. 108), my guess is that the photo was taken in a 1960s Budapest housing estate (lakótelep) in Kőbánya (district 10) or maybe it’s József Attila Housing Estate in district 9.


Next, David McCall stopped by to say:

“Happy New Year Kester!”

Oh dear, yes, this was January 6th.

There are probably a few similar fountains around, but this one strikes me as part of the Aqueduct statue/fountain at the Graphisoft park in Budapest District III.

You have your annual stats, we have ours. Local reports differ as to how much rain/precipitation we received in 2023. Some are reporting as low as 83 inches, some as high as 90 inches. In this New Year it seems as though Mother Nature is intent on getting a head start! 

Stay safe! David McCall.” 

Note: David was writing from Oregon, USA.

Before you could say HNY another time, Hubert “Poirot” Warsmann arrived with:

KT108 this looks like the Graphisoft Park in Obuda, especially the fountain that is framing the picture. A Christmas present to your new Russian readers?”

Well, if it was, Hubert, they didn't accept it. Apart from one visit from St Petersburg on the site a week or so back, they seem to have found more attractive blogs to read since the New Year.

Next, Richard Lock swooped.


 This is too easy so probably not the right answer…..but the AMRI logo on the picture is a bit of a giveaway! So Graphisoft park, and presume the smoke stack is that tall one up there in III ker.”

Hmmm. This is getting rather consistent.

But Greg Dorey then broke ranks (a bit):

Dear Kester,

The chimney looks like the Obuda gas works.”

Well, it could be, Greg, but …

The Rev Frank Hegedus was out to keep us on the straight and narrow.

Dear Kester...

Graphisoft Park, Budapest...?

I trust the New Year is off to a good start... Frank”

It was back to work on Monday, January 8th, so neither Chris Dalton nor Zsolt Maroti beat about the Óbuda bush.

“Graphisoft Park,“ said the former.

Szia Kester!

BUÉK! Graphisoft Park. Zs” wrote Zsolt.

Despite it being a back-to-work day, Bálint Dömötör was not averse to showing off his location-finding skills.

Hello Kester,

Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed the holidays!First of all, I have a solution for KesterTester108! The photo was taken at Graphisoft Park, in the 3rd district of Budapest. The exact coordinates for the location of the photo, based on my calculations, are 47°33'39.4"N 19°03'18.4"E.”

Help! You'll be reading my brain waves next, Bálint!

Steven Nelson was not one to be worn out by work either.

Hi Kester,

Happy New Year to you, mate!

That picture looks a lot like Graphisoft Park in Óbuda to me, so I'm guessing it's that. If I'm right, the smokestack in the background may be a part of the Óbuda Gas Factory, which has an interesting design and history and apparently there is a company that offers tours of it:

Have a wonderful 2024, Steven.”

Thank you, Steven. Hope it's all going well. Just to note that former gas plants are sources of 'orrible and most evil toxic substances, and the Óbuda Gas Factory is apparently no exception. According to a number of NGOs, including Greenpeace Hungary (I believe) it is regularly leaking bad gunge into the mighty Danube.

But back on topic, we then had a dearth of entries, until John Cantwell made use of my tardiness, sending this in late January.

Hi Kester,

This is in Graphisoft Park. The photo below is from the opposite direction, and another with the chimney showing. John”

Well, thank you John! Looks a nice place to work, doesn't it?

And that was the sum of contestants, meaning there were 10 correct entries (sorry Greg, but the chimney was not the desired answer!)

And so to the grand draw, the very first of 2024, and with the tension palpable, and my hands shaking under the excitement of the TV cameras, out of the Afghan-Pakistan hat, I drew out … number six – corresponding to Mr Chris Dalton!

I'm not sure when I can next be in the Royal County of Berkshire to collect my two beers, Chris, but you may bask in the public acclaim meanwhile, fighting off requests for selfies and autographs from delirious fans.

That's KesterTester108 folks – thanks for having a go to all. All entries make for a colourful competition.

KT109 is still open for entries. Come to think of it, maybe I should add another clue to that one, as it seems a bit sticky.

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