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Signs of the Times - Budapest - A pic to send regular reader Tom C Apoplectic - KesterTester88

Tom regularly rants about there being too many signs up on roads, saying that the surfeit is dangerous because it diverts drivers from the signs that matter. A valid point, perhaps?

Photo: I think this pic, taken in the morning rush, dates from about 1994. You can certainly spot a few cars from the Communist era, including a Trabbie. Whatever, there is a nice, long traffic log-jam, even back then. So where was it taken?

Your answers, your bid for global fame, celebrity status and the possibility to buy me two beers, via the site messaging system or in an email, please.

And if this stumps your sleuthing skills, You still have the chance to answer GuesterTester87 - that's the old tank and even older, one supposes, church.

And while I'm at it, here is a small, sad news item that I haven't seen reported anywhere, not even in the Hungarian media. Nine days ago, the now weekly Coronavirus numbers issued by the state indicated total deaths from the virus had reached 48,111 - not an especially significant number, you might think.

Indeed, website Portfolio did some arithmetic (because the government doesn't exactly make it easy to assess what all the numbers mean - one wonders why?) and reckoned that deaths for the previous fortnight had averaged 12 a day, down from 20 per day in the previous week. So good news.

Except the total number of deaths had now taken the rate of deaths per million population past the 5,000 mark. (I think it was 5,006, but didn't write it down.) This left Hungary with the third worst death rate in the world (and second in Europe) behind Peru and Bulgaria.

This week's numbers pushs deaths in Hungary to 5,016 per million (still third worst globally). https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

I am reminded about Prime Minister Orban's famouse "declaration of war" on Coronavirus back in 2020. Likes a good militant expression, does our PM here.

Perhaps wise not to go round declaring war too often though, especially if you are on the losing side.

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